Please Don’t Be Spiritual

Met someone the other day who used the word “spiritual“… I think her intention was that I would be thrilled to hear she wasn’t religious. Instead, I made funny faces at her… in my mind. The wife search continues. (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]

Baby Boots

I don’t know who makes these boots… but I want to do business with them: Maybe the makers of these boots should merge with the makers of the baby slippers. (Thanks to Matt for the link!) [Read more...]

The Voice Ain’t Coming

I would hope people come to their senses well before they hit the second panel…: (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]

When is a Human Eye like a Dead Parrot?

NonStampCollector explains: [Read more...]

I’m No Gemini

How did I miss this Onion horoscope last week? Does anyone else have the odd habit of beginning with your own sign when reading the Onion horoscopes? (Thanks to L for the link!) [Read more...]