Non-Overlapping Magisteria? Not At All.

For anyone who believes that religion and science are separate ways of finding the “truth” and that you can’t apply scientific principles to religious claims, Jesus and Mo point out that religion always seems to have something to say about science…: [Read more...]

The Boot Protest

Brother Jed Smock is one of those campus preachers who goes around to different college campuses to “spread the love” by talking about how homosexuals are sinners. You know the type. He probably does more for the cause of atheism than Christianity, though… it helps that he brings out our creativity. Case in point, a [Read More...]

The Church Leadership Team Asks for Help

When a church leadership team gets together, it’s not unusual to see them asking a god to guide them and help them with their vision. Someone tell me how this method is any different: (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]

Badass Darwin is Pretty Cool

Everyone’s going to show this movie in their science classes, right? (via Funny or Die) [Read more...]

They’re Teaching WHAT in the Classroom?

This time, Christians have taken it *too* far: I’d be laughing harder if it weren’t equally as ludicrous as trying to force Intelligent Design into the classroom… (Thanks to Kevin for the link!) [Read more...]