The Top 10 Good Things About Being Godless

Phil Zuckerman is the author of Society Without God and the forthcoming book Faith No More: How and Why People Reject Religion. He spoke at the Freedom From Religion Foundation‘s convention last November and a transcript of his talk is now available online in the most recent issue of Freethought Today. In it, he listed [Read More...]

God Gets Around

Oh, sure, it makes no sense when you put it like *that*… (via SMBC) [Read more...]

Dinosaurs Tackle the Meaning of Life

I forgot how much I *loved* this show as a kid. Somehow, this episode went completely under my radar when it first aired. Probably because I was 11. Yay, Dinosaurs! They figured it all out in the end… The Baby kicked ass. (via Atheist Media Blog) [Read more...]

How the Teleological Argument Works

Now, it all makes sense: (via SMBC) [Read more...]

Jesus for Rent

I don’t think I want one, but maybe some of you are interested in a Jesus: Incidentally the actual location is in New Zealand. (via FAIL Blog) [Read more...]