Saying Grace at Thanksgiving

Saturday Night Live cut this sketch about the Thanksgivies (“Honoring Outstanding Performance in Ruining Thanksgiving”) after dress rehearsal last weekend, but Andy Samberg‘s bit at the 1:30 mark is probably familiar to a lot of you… (Sorry, non-Americans who can’t use Hulu!) [Read more...]

The Pompous Theist

You may have seen the “Privilege Denying Dude” Internet meme that features a random white guy saying white guy things: It spawned all sorts of clones (Commenters are saying this was not the original version of the meme — the sentiment is the same, though), some of which are more entertaining than others. I’m a [Read More...]

Someone at Toys ‘R’ Us Has a Sense of Humor…

I like how Toys “R” Us categorized the Noah’s Ark Playset… (click to enlarge!) (Thanks to Jeff for the link!) [Read more...]

What Do You Say When an Agnostic Sneezes?

Go to Cyanide & Happiness for the punchline [Read more...]

What Is and Isn’t An ‘Act of God’?

Comedian Ricky Gervais has an entertaining bit about what constitutes an “Act of God” in his latest stand-up special “Science”: [Read more...]