The Problem with Theodicy…

When people start discussing philosophy or Christian apologetics, I tend to get bored easily, but Zach Weiner does a nice job explaining the problem with theodicy (why there’s suffering in the world if god exists): That’s panel one. The rest is here [Read more…]

The Vine That Resembles Jesus…

See this? What does that remind you of? I say a vine that vaguely resembles a cross. Because I’m sane. Kent Hardison, who runs a Ma’s Hot Dog stand in nearby Kinston, North Carolina, sees Jesus… because he doesn’t understand pareidolia: He says he was getting ready to spray it with herbicide until he noticed [Read More…]

They’re Fully Cooked

Reader Christine gets emails from an online coupon program and she discovered an interesting item among her deals: Damn. Babies are only $7.99? They must be in season. [Read more…]

Religion: Sudoku Edition

If there’s a better explanation of the difference between religion and science, I’d like to see it… Science figures things out, piece by piece. It’s not always easy, but you’ll occasionally have a breakthrough that allows you to fill in more pieces. The bigger picture ultimately becomes clear, even if the details aren’t complete. Religion [Read More…]

American Atheists Accepts the Meme

Reddit readers will love this. Everyone else can just skip this post. Dave Silverman, president of American Atheists, just added a sticker to the front door of AA’s offices: I love how he’s accepted the fact that his face is now a popular online meme. In case you’re unaware, it stems from his infamous appearance [Read More…]