My Interview on The Drew Marshall Show

Last weekend, I was a guest on The Drew Marshall Show, a Canadian radio show that deals with religion. You can listen to our conversation here. On the same episode, Drew also interviewed David Hayward (a.k.a. nakedpastor), who’s still on a roll with his cartoons: I love it. The question is: Who’s getting strikes? Who’s [Read More...]

Jesus Plays Telephone

SMBC explains where Westboro Baptist Church gets it from…: Now it all makes sense! [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes: FFRF’s Dan Barker on The Daily Show

In case you missed it, about a month ago, the Freedom From Religion Foundation‘s co-president Dan Barker appeared on The Daily Show to talk about the group’s campaign to fight the Mother Teresa stamp. Here’s how it played out: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c [Read more...]

The Oldest Game of Telephone

Comedian David Cross‘ new standup CD Bigger and Blackerer goes on sale at the end of May. I can’t wait to get it. And by “get it,” I mean download the torrent I would never download a torrent, only watch it through legitimate means. (Though I’d still love to see him perform live!) (via Atheist [Read More...]

The Religious Contortionist

It would be great if religious people could break out of the box. It’d be even better if they could remove the shackles of religion altogether. (via nakedpastor, who has been on a *roll* lately with his cartoons) [Read more...]