I Believe in Angles

This is *perfect* for atheist math teachers like myself: Of course we should believe in angles. But only the Right ones. My Guardian Angle helped me quite a bit when I took the SATs. The image was created by Kristine Hoppenworth, a student freethought leader from Florida. You can purchase it on shirts/hats/buttons/etc. at CafePress. [Read More...]

Faith Healing Doesn’t Cure That

Faith healing doesn’t work on amputees. It doesn’t work on the paralyzed. And it doesn’t work on… well… those parts. (via Freethunk!) [Read more...]

Too Ethical to Pay

I’ll admit this comic from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal made me laugh… But the secret panel just made it funnier: [Read more...]

How Many Christians Mimes Are There?!

We just saw some Christian mimes a couple weeks ago. Now, you’re telling me there are more?! Well… she’s no Susan Boyle… At least this clip comes with an ironic/hilarious twist And when Simon Cowell gives you the option of just walking off stage instead of listening to him insult you, that’s pretty bad… (via [Read More...]

Worst. Satire. Ever.

Satire works when it exaggerates some truth — you see it in The Onion all the time. But there’s no truth in this article, so I don’t understand the humor. Based on initial behavior, it was clear that the professors and students in attendance expected and wanted Dr. Welland to annihilate Dr. Ham with the [Read More...]