Atheist Holiday Traditions

I would *so* love to see this special: That and several other “atheist holiday traditions” can be found at Brian McFadden‘s Big Fat Whale. Is there anything not on Brian’s list that you do with your family over the holidays? I’m assuming, of course, that everyone builds snowmen versions of Richard Dawkins… (via Heaving Dead [Read More...]

Jesus Would Buy the Acer Netbook

Here’s what Woot is selling on the front page of their site at the moment: Not that I need another computer right now… but any company that lets the following be their sales pitch is a company I want to do business with Both Jesus and Mo would probably also like modern toilets, but we’ll [Read More...]

Ark Closed

Tony was driving to the pet store when he saw a billboard for Kent Hovind‘s Dinosaur Adventure Land. While the park is shut down indefinitely, the sign on the billboard may offer a new Christian explanation for how the dinosaurs went extinct Noah shut them off! Who knew he held a grudge against the dinosaurs…? [Read More...]

Atheists Aren’t Real Men?

Umm… for the second time this week, I’ve been not-so-subtlely told I’m not really a man. What can I say: gasoline just doesn’t do it for me. (Thank to Justin for the link!) [Read more...]

How Atheists Can Gain Clout

by Jesse Galef – What will it take for nontheists to get political respect in government? At around 15% of the population, we can’t – and shouldn’t – expect to control things, but even so we’re badly underrepresented.  Only one congressman is openly nontheistic (although at least 21 others secretly don’t believe in a god).  [Read More...]