God, the Superhero

Jeffrey Weston at Ape, Not Monkey explores how it would play out if god were a superhero: You can read the rest of the strip here I wonder what his Kryptonite would be… People who think critically? [Read more…]

Let’s Reboot the Bible

In response to DC Comics’ recent “reboot” (in which the publisher reset all 52 of its recurring series at Issue #1), Ryan Sohmer and Joe Eisma at Gutters (a comic book parody site) show us what would happen if the Christian myth were also “reboot”: You can read the rest of the page here You [Read More…]

The Difference Between Alligators and Crocodiles…

At least we know what alligators and crocodiles have in common. They’re both obviously atheists. (Thanks to Dan for the link!) [Read more…]

If Rick Perry Told the Whole Truth…

If Texas Governor Rick Perry‘s website was more honest, it would include these other images, too (Thanks to Brian for the image!) [Read more…]

Does This Meme Represent the Typical Christian?

I don’t know who started the “Scumbag Christian” meme but I’m amused. A few of my favorites: Sound like anyone you know? Or are these unfair strawmen and not-at-all representative of most Christians? In any case, here’s the template if you’d like to make your own: (via Reddit) [Read more…]