Pre-Blessed Food!

I don’t care that I’m an atheist. Julian Smith makes me want to buy this: (Thanks to Aaron for the link!) [Read more...]

See? I Can Still Be Tolerant…

See, I think I’m the guy on the left most of the time… The guy on the right is me only after I read the emails and links you all send me… The full comic can be read at Cectic. [Read more...]

A Reason Not To Get Married in a Church

This is why I need to have a wedding: Blog fodder for weeks. The bride added: “I felt like telling her she could keep her $50 and her guilt trip, too, but decided I would have my revenge by having a long, happy, secular marriage instead.” Lovely. I am sooooo gonna invite 329423 religious people [Read More...]

Taco Baby

It’s making a crawl for the border: I don’t really want to know if there’s “beef” in that taco… (Thanks to @SupremeC0urtney for the link!) [Read more...]

It Comes with Dressing…?

Hmm… I didn’t know atheists were green and dinosaur-like: A spork would save him time. (Thanks to Keith for the link!) [Read more...]