200 Foreskins

This must be on the list of Bible stories they will never teach you about in Sunday School: (via TheThinkingAtheist) [Read more...]

Don’t Get Rid of the Questions

David Hayward seems to think Satan is responsible for the “exorcism” of questions: Funny, I thought God was responsible for the same thing. (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]

Mmm… Baby Pie

This is why I love the ladies at Negative Entropy: When I have a baby, this site will become a 24/7 Baby-as-food blog… you all know that, right? [Read more...]

Want to Help a Hell House?

If any of you can help out the Landover Baptist Church, they’re looking for help with their Halloween Hell House: It only gets worse: Look in dumpsters behind Planned Parenthood or each and every trash container in any government housing project! Put as many fetuses as you can into a strong plastic bag, then put [Read More...]

Christian Responses to “Militant” Atheists

Hey all, Mike Clawson, the (woefully delinquent) Christian contributor here. (But I have a good excuse, honest. My doctoral program is seriously kicking my ass. ) Anyhow, I stumbled upon this satirical blog post by Kim Fabricius over at the Faith and Theology blog, entitled “Twelve point guide for ripostes to militant atheists,” and thought [Read More...]