The Rapture’s Coming Today: a Song

As you undoubtedly know, the end of the world is coming on October 21st… at least according to Pastor Harold Camping. The Burrowing Owls wrote a song all about it Catchy little tune, no? [Read more…]

A Blasphemous Bake Sale in Oklahoma

Last week, the Secular Student Alliance affiliate at East Central University in Oklahoma held a Blasphemy Bake Sale! The cost for the items was your soul… or your best offer (Click on the image for a larger version) This. Is. Awesome: Cookie-pops with “dirty” words on them. “Sinfully sweet” cupcakes bearing blasphemous messages. Flying Spaghetti [Read More…]

The Search for Intelligent Life Continues

It’s so hard when it comes to the naughty bits: (via misterdeity) [Read more…]

This Had to be a Fun Night…

So this happened over the weekend… Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy and its clones, accepted the award for Harvard Humanist of the Year. More pictures from the event are here. Someone get me video or transcript of his talk ASAP. Please…? ***Update***: Here’s a rough video of the event. The official video will come [Read More…]

Those Militant Agnostics…

(via LOL god) [Read more…]