nakedpastor: Bible Study

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What Atheists Really Do

There’s a popular meme making the rounds called “What I Really Do“… here’s a perfect example: But there isn’t one for atheists… so reader BenZ came up with this: Think it’s accurate? [Read more…]

Christian Apologetics… in Reality

I must admit that this week’s comic presents a bit of a straw man. If only for the earnest regret the character expresses for his dogma’s inherit flaws. Its hard to capture the thought process of folks who genuinely see these contradictions as a problem yet choose to walk the line of making excuses. (that [Read More…]

Scary Christian Valentines…

Happy Valentines Day! Here’s hoping your special someone isn’t a fundie… Visit Ape, Not Monkey for the punchlines [Read more…]

Responding to Christian Protestors at a Planned Parenthood

You might think Mike Lee, the Religious Antagonist, comes off as a jerk since he’s disrupting a group of praying Christians… but then you see who he’s talking to and that feeling completely evaporates. There’s something beautiful about the way Mike stops the Christian protestors by quoting their own book right back to them. [Read more…]