Mr. Deity’s Bang

It’s the end of Season 4 and Mr. Deity is going out with a bang: “Just pretend you’re Catholic.” Heh [Read more…]

How Much Religion Should You Expose Your Children To?

The folks at Penny Arcade, the Series just released some bonus content from their Season 2 DVD and it involves an interesting discussion about how much (if any) religion you should teach your children: Just to be clear, the argument isn’t about teaching your children that religious beliefs are true — we know that’s absurd [Read More…]

I Hope Some Confused Catholics Showed Up…

I have nothing to add. I just love that this was up on a university’s event calendar: Incidentally, the Wayne State Secular Student Alliance has been organizing a great week of events for church/state separation supporters. If you’re in the area, there’s still an event on Monday! [Read more…]

What Are Those Candles For…?

Adding to the list of things Catholics don’t know about their own religion… (via The Onion) [Read more…]

Once You Walk Out for Good, It Feels Great

David Hayward drew this while thinking about the time he walked away from the church he called home — though he still remains a Christian to this day: Like so many of his cartoons, his feelings are shared by a lot of atheists who left a church, too. (via nakedpastor) [Read more…]