You would think a church mired in sex scandals would want to avoid association with a guy who has recently been involved in a sex scandal… And since when do Catholics try to emulate the cheesy “we-know-pop-culture-so-we-must-be-relevant” element of so many Christian churches? As if we needed another reason not to attend church… (via Unreasonable [Read More...]

Want to Win Liberty University Swag?

You know that feeling of irony and amusement you get when you open a bottle of beer with a bottle-opener from Jerry Falwell‘s Liberty University? No? Well, you might be able to experience it if you enter Kevin Roose‘s LU swag giveaway and win a prize. All the info is here. (And if you don’t [Read More...]

Another Reason to Accept Evolution

It wins over the ladies: How did Dilbert know all of my pickup lines? (via Dilbert) [Read more...]

The Holy Gospel of the Easter Bunny

Now, I truly understand Easter: (via The Atheist Blogger) [Read more...]

Gay Marriage: Let’s Thank Fred Phelps?

Paul Lundgren of Iowa not only wants to thank Fred Phelps for drawing so much attention to why gay people need equal protection and equal rights under the law… he wants to make Phelps an offer! He writes this in an open letter to the anti-gay activist: I am a business entrepreneur in Ames, Iowa, [Read More...]