Love and Infatuation

I’m always impressed by how Zach Weiner manages to begin his cartoons one way before taking it in a completely different direction: You can read the rest of it here (Thanks to Dawn for the link!) [Read more…]

A CliffsNotes Koran

it turns out when you simplify the Koran, it’s still something you want to avoid: You can see the rest of the strip here. (via Jesus & Mo) [Read more…]

nakedpastor: A New Kind of Bible Theme Park

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Women for Rick Santorum

Remember how Rick Santorum said that a pregnancy resulting from rape is a “gift from god”? This new video is a perfect response I loved the line, “Don’t look a rape-horse in the mouth.” (via Christian Nightmares) [Read more…]

The Only Point to the ‘Atheist Temple’…

(In response to these posts) [Read more…]