There’s Probably No Cod

***Update***: Picture is here: (Thanks to GreyTheory for the link) … I haven’t come across a picture of it yet, but this is entertaining. Greenpeace has put a billboard up in Halifax and Ottawa in Canada. It reads: “There’s probably no cod. Now let’s stop overfishing & think of the future.” Nice spoof of the [Read More...]

I Want Your Baby Pictures

JulietEcho, our resident Forum admin, has been hiding something from me. She finally sent it along: Oh. My. God. It’s a Pumpkin Baby. You *know* how much I love babies dressed as food. Or as anything else cute and adorable. If you have adorable costumed baby pictures of yourself, please send them my way! Maybe [Read More...]

Virgin Mary Makes an Ironic Appearance

Well, this should pose a problem for devout Catholics everywhere… The Virgin Mary has been found in a–well, see for yourself: Of all the places for a virgin to appear… I would love to know if someone noticed that post-coitum or if they just shaped it that way. Either way, I’m disturbed. (I don’t know [Read More...]

My Talk on Atheism and Dating

I’m about to start the Secular Student Alliance Board meeting, so I’ll be away for a couple more days, but PZ Myers posted my talk on Atheism and Dating on his website. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet (it’s always weird to watch yourself…) but you can let me know what you [Read More...]

Question Mark or Exclamation Point

Isn’t this ultimately what religion is all about? Taking questions that are currently (or forever) unanswerable, and not only offering fictional answers, but also being emphatic that those answers are the correct ones. Sometimes, the question mark is all you can be sure of. (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]