Salvation Through Christ at a Great Discount

Leave it to Landover Baptist Church to offer deals on salvation while the rest of us are in a recession. Love the fine print, too [Read more...]

When Evangelism Fails

This American Life aired a story this past weekend you’ll enjoy hearing. The theme of the show was “This I Used to Believe” and one of the stories revolved around a Christian high school football coach and a woman who was in email correspondence with him: This past Christmas a story swept the internet about [Read More...]

A Christian Pastor Explores Homosexuality

Paul Rudnick has a great piece in the latest issue of The New Yorker where he writes (a fiction piece) about a Christian pastor who is a closeted homosexual. It mentions Ted Haggard a few times, and no doubt the story is a satire of what went through Haggard’s mind the past few decades. I’ll [Read More...]

Now I Understand the Pedophile Priests…

Jesusophile explains why priests are pedophiles. Satan did it. (I knew it!) The logic is just flawless. [Read more...]

Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert on Protestants

After posting about the Roger Ebert article about religion, guest-blogger Jesse Galef reminded me of an old video with Ebert and the late Gene Siskel that turned up on YouTube a few years ago. In it, Siskel (a Jew) and Ebert (raised Catholic) joke around (with blunt and NSFW language) about Protestants and president at [Read More...]