Church Makes Funny Doritos Ad

by Jesse Galef – I like to give credit where credit is due. And this Doritos Superbowl commercial created by the Mosaic megachurch is funny: The Christian Post gives a strangely detailed blow-by-blow: Mosaic’s 30-second commercial is called “Casket” and is about a man whose last wish is to be buried in “a giant casket [Read More...]

Oh No, Not a Christian!

Ok, this made me laugh: (via The Onion) [Read more...]

Friday Funny: Ricky Gervais

by Jesse Galef – Is there a better way to end a workweek than with a video of a Ricky Gervais stand-up routine on religion? (No, no there is not.) Since going to the Creation Museum, these jokes strike a different chord for me. They’re even funnier reflecting on how silly the stories are, but [Read More...]

The Top 10 Anti-Christian Acts of 2009 (Fact-Checked)

The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has put out a list of the Top 10 Anti-Christian Acts of 2009. Dave at An Ethical Hedonist has done an excellent job of fact-checking their list and found that (surprise!) many of their claims are untrue. My favorite “debunking” from Dave is below. I think his last sentence tells you [Read More...]

The Reason God Doesn’t Perform Miracles

Why doesn’t g0d perform miracles? It has to do with birds and boobs: (via SMBC) [Read more...]