Dining-Room Table Cthulhu

If Jesus can appear on an iron, then reader AnonyMouse would like you all to know that Cthulhu appeared on her dining room table just last week. I see the resemblance: I think there’s also a dash of the Flying Spaghetti Monster thrown in there. It’s like a hybrid of freakish awesomeness. [Read more...]

Jesus Shouldn’t Take a Dive

You see the joke coming from a mile away… but it still made me laugh (via @metheliving) [Read more...]

Joseph and Mary, Lying in a Bed…

A billboard about religion is causing controversy and, this time, atheists have nothing to do with it: This billboard went up in New Zealand, courtesy of the St Matthew-in-the-City church. They say they put it up to encourage dialogue with non-believers. I’m not sure how that billboard is going to make me believe the Bible, [Read More...]

Kabbalah Vodka with Christian Infants

I’ve never been much of a drinker, but I think I’m going to have to start… I can’t tell if it’s real or not, but this explanation was offered at a website: … Given the explosion of capitalism and the influx of money into the former Soviet empire, there has been a huge rise in [Read More...]

Atheist Holiday Traditions

I would *so* love to see this special: That and several other “atheist holiday traditions” can be found at Brian McFadden‘s Big Fat Whale. Is there anything not on Brian’s list that you do with your family over the holidays? I’m assuming, of course, that everyone builds snowmen versions of Richard Dawkins… (via Heaving Dead [Read More...]