Thanks, Minnesota!

I’m finally back home from the last leg of the Spring Break trip. Thanks to Campus Atheists, Skeptics, & Humanists (CASH) for an awesome time last night: You want an example of a well-run student atheist group? They’re among the best (and largest) groups in the country. And it looks like I’m not done with [Read More...]

Flying Spaghetti Monster Toast

Toast is good. Buttered toast with jelly is delicious. But Flying Spaghetti Monster Toast is divine: The awesome ladies at Negative Entropy offer directions so you can make them yourself. Check it out! [Read more...]

I Need a New Coat Rack

… and I think I’ve found the perfect one! I’ll take three of them. (Thanks to Stacie for the link!) [Read more...]

Jesus Loves Me?

Heather (a.k.a. CompletelyLovely) has a lovely song written to the tune of “Jesus Love Me.” It’s probably NSFW if you have the speakers turned up. In case you missed it, be sure to stick around for the last 15 seconds of the video. The unsung lyrics might be my favorite (via The Atheist Jew) [Read more...]

Cartoonists on the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal

Kleine Zeitung, a newpaper in Austria, has some biting political cartoons discussing the child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church: I’d love to see more cartoons like those in American newspapers. This is hardly provocative: (via Slate) [Read more...]