The Only Point to the ‘Atheist Temple’…

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But Physics Is Toooo Haaaard…

This is only the first of three panels but the last one is more of a sad reality than a hilarious punchline: (via Calamities of Nature) [Read more…]

The Problem with America, According to Rick Santorum

Doonesbury: Always fun in an election year. (Click to enlarge) [Read more…]

nakedpastor: We Both Go Down Together

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Really, Really, Really Inoffensive Atheist Billboards

***Update*** (from Hemant): If you’d like to make one of these kinds of billboards a reality, please read this post and support Katie Hartman‘s proposal! … Richard Wade here. In the continuing debate over the benefits and drawbacks of “in your face” atheist billboards versus “soft sell” atheist billboards, the assertion that the religious public [Read More…]