When Did “Good” Person Become Linked to “Faith”?

***Update***: Transcript is below. … I don’t have time to transcribe it right now, but in case you missed it, Jon Stewart had a great conversation on The Daily Show last night where he talked about how “a person of faith” and “a good person” seem to have become linked in politics. The consequence of [Read More...]

One Day, We’ll Be Sick of This…

That day is not coming anytime soon: (via Freethunk!) [Read more...]

Atheist Comedy Show in NYC This Weekend!

If you’re in New York City, you can get your dose of atheism and comedy at The PIT tonight! One of the actors in the show informs me that the cast is preparing material for an atheist comedy mini-tour. (That would be awesome. I call dibs on front row seats.) The show is tonight at [Read More...]

You Will Never Get to “Saddleback”…

Because you’re not a Christian teenager engaging in unprotected anal sex in order to preserve your virginity. I think you should get bonus points if you use the words Saddlebacking and Santorum in the same sentence. But I have no desire to read that sentence. (I suppose I should give a shout-out to Rick Warren [Read More...]

If Jesus is the Answer…

I realize I’m setting myself up here… But this is too amusing to pass up. Here’s a billboard seen in Australia: Jesus is the Answer… So I have to wonder: what is the question? Make me laugh. Don’t be a jerk. (While you’re at it, check out the Oz Atheist’s post and see why Australian [Read More...]