A Newtonian Christmas/Birthday Card

Here’s yet another wonderful card to give those atheist friends this Winter You can buy them at Powers Media. (Thanks to Paul for the link!) [Read more...]

Conclusive Proof That Dogs Can Be Atheists

I posed the question the other day: Can a dog be an atheist? Reed has shown me proof that dogs can indeed be Godless: The debate has been settled. [Read more...]

Jesus Likes the Wine

The latest Cyanide and Happiness comic ends with this panel, so you *know* it must be good: [Read more...]

What’s the Craziest Conspiracy Theory You’ve Ever Heard Of?

My friend Ashley interviewed Skeptic magazine publisher Michael Shermer at the recent Atheist Alliance International convention. I especially like the portion below What other ideas (besides religion) leave you wondering how anyone could actually believe it? [Read more...]

5000 Joined. 2 Left. Now What Happens…?

Best Facebook group status ever: Two people left the group…? What will the group’s creator do now?! JT has an interesting way of putting it: I wonder if that’s anything like swallowing Jesus at communion only to throw him up fifteen minutes later. (via DisComforting Ignorance) [Read more...]