The Intellectual Capability of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron will soon be distributing copies of Darwin’s masterpiece (along with a Creationist introduction) at campuses across the country. I don’t think that’ll go over so well… many college students (though not all) are capable of thinking for themselves and that’s not good for Cameron or Comfort, who need you to [Read More...]

God is a Voyeur

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Baptismal Flushing

If all baptisms were like this, maybe I’d consider going to one… the religious would enjoy the baptism. I would enjoy the flushing of an infant. Everyone would leave happy. The cartoon is Freethunk! by Jeff Swenson. (via Humanist Network News) [Read more...]

Biblical Logic in a Nutshell

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Creationist Horror Movie

I have a feeling this movie would still be more accurate than Ben Stein‘s Expelled. (via SMBC) [Read more...]