Blocked Atheist Bus Ad Website

I was sitting in my classroom yesterday while my students were taking a quiz. I wanted to look up something on the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign website (I’m still pumped they’re running ads on Chicago buses). This is what I saw when I went to their website: My school has the site blocked because of [Read More...]

God vs. Megan Fox

I like the way he thinks! (via Land of Nodd) [Read more...]

Jesus’ Bathroom Mirror?

I’m not surprised at all… (via Holy Juan) [Read more...]

When Should Pastors Call It Quits?

I wonder how many pastors find themselves in these shoes… … and how many of them choose to stay in the pulpit despite their doubts? (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]

I Believe in Angles

This is *perfect* for atheist math teachers like myself: Of course we should believe in angles. But only the Right ones. My Guardian Angle helped me quite a bit when I took the SATs. The image was created by Kristine Hoppenworth, a student freethought leader from Florida. You can purchase it on shirts/hats/buttons/etc. at CafePress. [Read More...]