Proving What Isn’t There Doesn’t Work

Dante Shepherd explains: No one should be wasting their time putting salt shakers everywhere. Remember that the next time a Christian says, “But you can’t prove God doesn’t exist.” Even with god, though, it’s not like Christians keep “salt shakers” everywhere either. How many church sermons urge Christians to be more like Christ? How many [Read More…]

A Picture Needing a Caption

The New Yorker has a weekly caption contest and one of you *has* to win this week! The deadline is Sunday, so think fast. After you submit your caption to them, feel free to share it with us here (Thanks to Jennifer for the link!) [Read more…]

So That’s Why Those Bible Study Groups Exist…

The Onion explains the real Christian agenda: See? There *is* a good reason to read all those “begats”… I wonder if Asian kids would rock the BATs, too… [Read more…]

Why Is It So Hard to Say Goodbye?

David Hayward shows us a phenomenon I’m sure many Christians have experienced: But for so many of them, it doesn’t mean goodbye. If anything, they try to rationalize for the fact that god never actually responds. I just need stronger faith. That voice I just made up was God speaking to me, right? God will [Read More…]

I Need a Baby NOW…

… so that I can send out these delicious baby shower invitations: [Cue the vegetarian singing “I want my babybackbabybackbabyback…”] Apparently, it’s not just a play on words, either. BaByQ grills exist! (Thanks to Laura for the link!) [Read more…]