Yes to Everything About This Wedding Ceremony

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And This Is Why You Shouldn’t Be a Creationist

As if you needed another reason to fight against Creationism, I bring you the Flizbins: If you can make it to the 1:16 mark, you get to hear Christian Rapping… If you make it to the end, you deserve a cookie. By the way, that’s a real song from a real album by a real [Read More…]

Moses Was a Terror Threat

If the 24-hour news networks existed a couple thousand years ago, it’s unlikely anything would be different… (via SpaceboyProductions) [Read more…]

CruciFiction 2

Who knew popular atheist vloggers were now collaborating? And working on scripts?! Thunderf00t and religiousantagonist did just that and I’m told more vlogger mixing is forthcoming. The premise: Jesus is back and he wants your attention! I love the lines at the 2:20 mark At least they can go to lunch at Chick-fil-A? [Read more…]

Let’s Hope the Rapture Isn’t Happening…

Because if Jesus comes back, he’s gonna be pissed… (Animation is NSFW) (via riojabaja419) [Read more…]