Oh, So That’s Why the Christchurch Quake Happened…

I assume it’s a Poe, but the rhetoric is really no different than what you’d hear a Christian mouthpiece say, so the point is made. One website claims to have a good idea why the recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand occurred: Did the “Snow Gaymes” and Butch Lesbian antics of Gay Ski Week, on [Read More…]

The Link Between Vaccines and Autism…

… is non-existent. Jessica Hagy, who always shows us the clever link(s) between various ideas on her blog Indexed via Venn Diagrams and line graphs, goes the simple-but-effective route on this one: Nailed it. [Read more…]

Don’t Use God To Cure Your Leprosy

DarkMatter2525 explains how, if you ever need to cure leprosy, you’re better off taking the scientific route Reminds me of this classic Doonesbury strip… By the way, if you have seen DarkMatter2525’s videos yet, the first two minutes of this one had me cracking up [Read more…]

The Anus is Broken Now

Thanks to Jesusophile, I now know waaaaaaay more about sodomy than I ever wanted to: I feel awkward now. And yet I can’t stop laughing… [Read more…]

Name a Freedom You Exercise…

The assignment asks: name “one freedom that you exercise in your life.” One kid has the right idea (via HaHaStop — Thanks to @CashewStyle for the link!) [Read more…]