A Finch Ain’t One

The Secular Student Alliance affiliate at East Central University in Oklahoma is on a roll. First they held a Blasphemy Bake Sale. Second, they’re advertising their meetings with these hilarious flyers: Other SSA affiliates are already using the template Finally, Sarah Erwin, the president of the SSA at ECU, wrote a powerful piece for her [Read More…]

Religious Video Games You’d Want to Play

The folks at Something Awful photoshopped a bunch of “Religious Games that you’d actually want to play“: And this one hits a little too close to home… do battle against a religious teacher! [Read more…]

The Catholic Church Responds to Joe Paterno

For anyone who sees parallels between Penn State officials not reporting Jerry Sandusky to the authorities and the Catholic Church ignoring the pedophiles within its own ranks, Scott Stantis states the obvious: [Read more…]

God Will Help Me Get Revenge, Right?

One of my favorite blogs is The Comics Curmudgeon, in which Josh Fruhlinger takes comic strips that are bad enough as is and adds in his own commentary to make them sooooo much better. Like this “Family Circus” strip (by the just-passed-away Bil Keane): All sorts of hilarious, no? But then you add in Josh’s [Read More…]

Why Does God Need Virgins So Badly?

This cartoon at God Comics starts one way… … and it heads somewhere completely unexpected. Check out the rest of it here. [Read more…]