What if Christians Sang About What Was Really On Their Minds?

What would happen if Christian worship music reflected what so many people in the congregations were actually thinking? It might look like this: I laughed Credit where it’s due: The song’s courtesy of First Baptist Orlando Church. (via Friendly Atheist Forums) [Read more…]

One Way to Respond to Street Preachers: Preach Right Back at Them

I know we shouldn’t stoop to their level, but when Mike Lee decides to give two Christian street preachers a taste of their own medicine by loudly reading from The God Delusion right in front of them, it’s pretty entertaining… The good stuff starts around the 0:40 mark: Can you believe it? The preachers didn’t [Read More…]

Humorous Australian Show Gets Ad Agencies to Promote Banning of Religion

The Australian TV show The Gruen Transfer include a segment called “The Pitch” during which advertising agencies compete to promote something radical (“Euthanize everyone over 80!”) and have a panel of experts judge their ads. Recently, one topic was so controversial that they had ad agencies declining the invite to appear on the show (and [Read More…]

The New Atheists, Ponies, and Alcohol

As Kelley Freeman showed us last month, the best way to make the Four Horsemen — Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett — appealing to women is to turn them into ponies.* Now, Kelley (of the Pastafarians at USC) and Katie Hartman (of the Missouri State branch of the Church of the [Read More…]

We Created God In Our Image, Not the Other Way Around

If other species were religious, you can bet their gods would look like them, too. (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) [Read more…]