A Bollywood Christmas Song, Part 2

Hey, Indian people… Stop remaking Christmas songs! *facepalm* I have nothing to do with this, I swear… (Thanks to Sheila for link. I think…) [Read more...]

A Bollywood Christmas Song

Umm… I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed as an Indian person: I apologize for unleashing that on all of you. (via Sepia Mutiny) [Read more...]

Holiday Song by Tripod

by Jesse Galef – For some holiday entertainment, I bring you a song by the Australian comedy group Tripod. You know the shepherds who, in the story, followed the star to Bethlehem? Well, there must have been some non-superstitious shepherds who didn’t go off chasing a star… What happened to them? The song is: I [Read More...]

Dining-Room Table Cthulhu

If Jesus can appear on an iron, then reader AnonyMouse would like you all to know that Cthulhu appeared on her dining room table just last week. I see the resemblance: I think there’s also a dash of the Flying Spaghetti Monster thrown in there. It’s like a hybrid of freakish awesomeness. [Read more...]

Jesus Shouldn’t Take a Dive

You see the joke coming from a mile away… but it still made me laugh (via @metheliving) [Read more...]