Jesus for Rent

I don’t think I want one, but maybe some of you are interested in a Jesus: Incidentally the actual location is in New Zealand. (via FAIL Blog) [Read more...]

Liveblogging FFRF on The Daily Show

Alright, I’m jealous that Dan Barker has met Jason Jones. They’re mocking FFRF. But it’s pretty damn funny. Dan Barker comes off looking intelligent and level-headed and reasonable about what they are trying to accomplish and what they reasonably can accomplish. Ooh… Barker now comes off attacking Mother Teresa. Which is tough to do without [Read More...]

Julia Sweeney: The Real Housewife of Wilmette?

The Chicago Tribune‘s Mary Schmich has a nice column today about actress Julia Sweeney. It focuses on what we already know (and love) about her: she’s left Los Angeles (physically and mentally) to become a mother/wife in the north suburbs of Chicago and she’s thrilled about it. She’s still an atheist, too. But just as [Read More...]

Baby Skulls Are Inhumane?

Well, I’m shocked. Now I’ll have to sell off my entire collection… (Thanks to Brett for the link!) [Read more...]

FOX News Anchor Knows His Porn

It’s not surprising that FOX News is throwing a shit fit about the Smut for Smut campaign. But the clip below is *really* worth watching for the last 30 seconds. Daily Show gold, I tell you… [Read more...]