Monkey Jesus. No, Really.

Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane is clearly trying to court atheist fans with his latest cartoon short: Monkeys Talk About Religion. (I forwarded through the ad at the beginning.) It all makes sense now… [Read more...]

Forget Poe’s Law. Hello, Bo’s Law

Poe’s Law is old news. Now, it’s all about Bo’s Law, which states: It is impossible to tell through the internet whether a person or organization is legitimately Atheist or is simply a person or organization making fun of Atheism. If the law is true — and it must be… it’s on the Internets! — [Read More...]

Stop Shoving Nothing Down Everybody’s Throats!

Edward Current doesn’t get why we atheists keep talking about God when we don’t believe in him! He is right about one thing, though: Atheists do go around wearing nothing all the time. That’s gotta be awkward for the rest of you. (And, yes, I know it’s satire Thanks for the emails, though.) [Read more...]

Don’t Explain Atheism To Your Children Like This

It won’t go over well. (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]

Proof That Arby’s is an Atheist-Owned Chain

Perhaps you’ve seen ads for Arby’s restaurants lately, like the really disturbing one where the wife fulfills her husband’s bedroom fantasy by dressing up like an Arby’s server… Anyway, the slogan in this ad and others is “I’m thinking Arby’s”: Reader Lisa discovered that Arby’s really takes that slogan seriously. She drove past a local [Read More...]