The Submissive Jesus Talking Prayer Answering Head

This is some great Christian kitsch: The Submissive Jesus Talking Prayer Answering Head. You pray, you twist his crown of thorns, and Jesus will yelp in anguish while saying one of over a hundred random phrases. Just check out the promo video: The creators do have a sense of humor about it: Our Lord comes [Read More...]

Evolution and Swine Flu

On Friday’s episode of Real Time, Bill Maher had a response to Creationists who may be going to see a doctor about the swine flu: I love the line at the end [Read more...]

Atheist and Christian Student Groups Win Award at OSU

A couple months ago, I engaged in a public dialogue with Christian pastor Jay Gamelin at The Ohio State University. It wasn’t a debate; there was no winner. It was just a chance for two people with different beliefs to discuss religious questions — many of them posed by audience members. You can see video [Read More...]

Faith Fighter 2: Religious Tolerance

The Faith Fighter game released by Molleindustria had to be taken offline after complaints from religious groups worldwide. But the creators have replaced it with a different game: We regretted the use of irony and violence and this time we want to offer you a positive, nonviolent educational game that teaches the universal values of [Read More...]

Oh… So That’s How You Do It

Jesusophile tells men how to have sex, the Christian way. Step one: Find a woman. Step two: Get married. Step three: Say, “Woman, I’d like to have sex with you now.” It goes on from there. (I didn’t know you had to sound like Cartman in order to get it on…) He also has advice [Read More...]