Creation Science 101 (The Atheist Vloggers Edition)

You may remember Roy Zimmerman‘s fantastic song “Creation Science 101″: Now, several atheist vloggers on YouTube have joined together to cover the song: I love it! (Thanks to Jeff for the link!) [Read more...]

Sears Sells Grill to Cook Babies

Finally! Sears took my suggestion seriously: They’re claiming their website was just under attack. But we all know they’re just caving in to some customers’ complaints… (Thanks to Wendy for the link!) [Read more...]

How Google Complete Queries About Christian Right Figures…

Ron was playing around with Google’s predictive text feature and noticed that if he typed in the names of some conservative Christians, Google suggested some interesting query completions… Other examples are on his site. He left out the “Ted Haggard is” query (which I find amusing). And the “Rick Warren is” query was surprising to [Read More...]

Talk Like a Pirate Day Approaches…

Talk Like a Pirate Day, the international holiday celebrated by good Pastafarians everywhere, is only a month away! It will take place Saturday, September 19th. This video from Pontius Pirate showcases some events that took place on the special day last year, along with great music, and some interesting commentary: Nice work, Central Arkansas Pastafarians! [Read More...]

How to Teach Children About God

Children are prone to ask questions like this: 4-year-old boy: Mom, is God real? The mom’s response is entertaining. Better than forcing an answer onto the child as if it were true, I suppose. (Thanks to Justin for the link!) [Read more...]