When Geometry Becomes Dirty, Part 2

(When Geometry Becomes Dirty, Part 1 is here.) … A colleague of mine had some time to kill after his kids finished a final exam last week. So he decided to play Pictionary on the electronic chalkboard in the room. The kids wrote down topics on scraps of paper and scrambled them up. Then, they [Read More...]

Roundup of Jesus Comics

Everyone’s always picking on that one aspect of Jesus’ life… (via Jesus and Mo) … I don’t know why this one makes me laugh, but it does. The comic is Anomaly by Kennedy Rose, and the Jesus theme appears plenty of times. (via Jolly Heathen) [Read more...]

Missing Baby Found… Where?!

I grew very excited when I saw the headline. I gather you can imagine my frustration afterwards… how dare they mislead me that way?! (Thanks to Nick for the link!) [Read more...]

A Bible-Based Marriage

Ohh… so this is what traditional marriage is supposed to be like: An arranged marriage doesn’t sound so bad now… (via Greta Christina’s Blog) [Read more...]

Our Place in the Universe…

Pale blue dot? More like pale blue blob… (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal — Thanks to Zombie Girl for the link!) [Read more...]