Homeopathic Battleship is the Hardest Game Ever…

Take regular Battleship, with its ratio of 17 ship squares out of 100 total squares… and homeopathize it so that there’s only 1 ship square out of 100,000,000,000 total squares.

That’s Homeopathic Battleship.

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Where’s Jesus? Check Aisle 5

If you were to visit the Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) store in Paxton, Illinois, you might notice something interesting in Aisle 5:

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God Healed the Hamsters… and Everyone with Diarrhea

British comedian Robert Popper recently called a faith-healing call-in talk show to tell them about how him hamsters (and those affected by his hamsters) were saved from diarrhea because he watched the show… and, well, have a listen:

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ISIS Has a Serious Recruiting Problem

The Onion‘s got the scoop:

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This Describes Catholic School Pretty Well…

(via Jessica Hagy)

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