BuzzFeed Bought Televangelist Jim Bakker’s Giant Buckets of Food (Yep, It’s Disgusting)

It… wasn’t good. And I’m not sure it qualifies as food.


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Atheism is the Uncoolest Choice Ever (Debunked)

If your beliefs are shaped by how “cool” people think they are, you’re doing it wrong.


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An Atheist Added Subtitles to a Creationist Video (Again), Making It Much, Much Better

You won’t learn anything from the video itself, but the subtitles will make it worthwhile.


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Everything You Need to Know About Western Philosophy In Under 10 Minutes

There are lots of not-so-subtle jabs at religion throughout the video.


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Jesus Leaves Everyone Satisfied At This Church

Pastors: Have a teenager check your messages before you put them up on the big board.


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