In Support of Transgender Bathrooms: Liberal Redneck Edition

I’m having a hard time reconciling his words with his accent, but the Liberal Redneck makes a lot of sense when talking about anti-trans bathroom bills.


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Jesus Tells ISIS All About the Joy of Christmas in This Strange Music Video

I don’t know what I just watched, but it involves Jesus, ISIS, Santa, and the Almighty Amoeba. Everything about it is politically incorrect.

(NSFW. Obviously. You’ve been warned.)


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Pat Boone Says SNL’s “God is a Boob Man” Skit Is Satanic, Will Lead to Eternal Punishment

Christian crooner Pat Boone wasn’t amused when he saw SNL’s glorious send-up of God’s Not Dead 2. The premise of the satirical video is that an evil same-sex couple, aided by their Jewish ACLU lawyer, wants to force a Christian baker to publicly utter the words “God is gay.” Instead, just when she’s almost cowed into submission by the “liberal elites,” she finds her strength, and rousingly declares in a court of law that the Almighty is a “boob man.”

Cue the laughter — and the Christian outrage.


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Literally Tons of Thoughts And Prayers Are Being Distributed To Earthquake Survivors As We Speak

A wicked-good tearjerker from Louisiana’s Daily Crawfish: (IT’S SATIRE!!)

NEW ORLEANS, LA — Aid has officially begun trickling out of the state, as the first aircraft laden with thoughts and prayers departed New Orleans Louis Armstrong Airport early this morning headed for earthquake victims in Ecuador. A flight also took off shortly after headed for Japan.

Both countries have been affected by strong earthquakes in the last week, and the generosity of Louisiana residents was clear as almost 1.5 million thoughts and prayers were donated to the American Red Cross in the past five days alone, all of which will definitely help victims in rebuilding their lives.


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Promises, Promises


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