“Exorcist” Bob Larson “Banishes” Three “Demons” from “Possessed” People in This Video

Self-described exorcist Bob Larson gets the Vic Berger treatment in this disturbing video.


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This Stuff Makes Me Want to Fall Asleep, Too

You know that feeling when you’re dragged to religious indoctrination class but you really don’t want to be there…?

You’re not alone.


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Why Religion and Morality Should Not Be Synonymous

In the latest video in his “God Distraction” series, Mr. Deity explains why religion and morality shouldn’t be linked together.


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This Is What Having Sex Is Like When You’re Raised with Religion

Amelia B. and Victor Rosas II, writing at College Humor, give us the five stages of becoming sexually active after being raised with religion.


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36 Questions I’d Like to Ask God

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, features 36 questions I’d like to ask God.


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