Don’t Believe the Stories

This is why pastors keep telling their congregations stories about Biblical characters… It works, too. Ken Ham, the man behind the Creation Museum, really believes that a literal “Adam” and “Eve” existed. (If you go to his museum, you can see their statues… near the dinosaurs…) In fact, he’s pissed off that some Christian academics [Read More…]

A Christian Graduation Prayer

Jeff Swenson at Freethunk! offers an honest depiction of a public school graduation prayer… as said by a Christian: Today’s the last day to donate to the Damon Fowler fund, by the way… as if you haven’t donated an incredible amount already. [Read more…]

There Are No Christians in Foxholes

This must be why the U.S. military is so slow to accept any Humanist chaplains…: Of course, like all good chaplains, the atheist ones would be able to “minister” to anybody. The only reason we’re not included in the ranks is because of the bigotry of the military brass. The way we can hasten the [Read More…]

The Month of Maybe

This must be Harold Camping‘s calendar for any future Rapture-related predictions: He won’t admit he was wrong, though. That’d be downright unChristian of him. David Hayward understands this: … the mental and spiritual gymnastics [Christians] go through to desperately try to make it make sense is breathtaking. Why? Because if they admit they were wrong [Read More…]

Harold Camping’s Predicting Secret

Crispian Jago figured out how Harold Camping predicts the important events in the world! October 21st. Got it. End of the world? Sure, why not. (via Science, Reason and Critical Thinking) [Read more…]