Those Offensive Atheist Billboards

I’ve said it before: Even if the billboards just said the word “ATHEISM,” religious nuts would get upset. It’s a no-win situation if atheists are trying to make peace with certain Christians. But the ads evoke outrage in some areas. The ads get media coverage. All of it helps let other atheists know they’re not [Read More...]

The Orange is the One-Armed Person’s Worst Nightmare

Jesusophile proves that God is merciful. There’s an orange involved. And something racist. And I believe he says one-legged people shouldn’t complain about their lot in life. I can’t explain it. Just watch: See? It all makes sense now. [Read more...]

Shocking: A Christian Group’s Online Poll Backfired

Not interesting: A Christian group (The Alpha Course) put up an online survey asking visitors if they believed in God. Not interesting: The poll was crashed by atheists. Not interesting: Atheists won, and the poll overwhelmingly swung in our favor (Most respondents said, “No,” God doesn’t exist). Interesting: This is news to anybody. More than [Read More...]

I Would Enjoy Reading This Version of the Bible

(via SMBC) [Read more...]

Google is God

The pig said it. So it must be true. (via Pearls Before Swine) [Read more...]