Let’s Not Forget Our Secular Founding Fathers

Jeffrey Weston reminds us that our country’s founders had very secular views about the world, regardless of the bile David Barton likes to spew (click image to enlarge): (Clemens is a character in the strip.) On a similar note, Rob Boston of Americans United also offers a few quick reasons we’re not a Christian nation. [Read More…]

Pledge Your Allegiances

Does anyone know what we’re still arguing about…? Who cares! Now, we can all choose sides, anyway! Who’s your horse in this battle? … *Sigh* In case it’s not clear, I’m kidding. Stop taking sides. Please stop taking sides. Everyone is overreacting. All of you. (Yes, you too.) There are lessons we can learn from [Read More…]

This Should Clear Everything Up…

Ladies, does the guy talking to you at 4:00a at the Skeptics conference not get the hint? Guys, do you not know if your advances are welcome? Well, ladies, when the sun sets each night at The Amazing Meeting 9, just change into one of these shirts and you’ll stop any potential controversies before they [Read More…]

The Evil Atheist Math Teacher Agenda

Oh man, the folks at ChristWire are on to my wicked plans! They know that I teach ungodly things like “irrational numbers” to my students: Public schools are dens of sin where gothemo girls will try to rub their milk sacs all over your son. But advances from titful harlots are not the only dangers–even [Read More…]

The Anglican Church’s Gaydar

St Matthew-in-the-City church in Auckland, New Zealand always comes up with funny, gay-friendly ad campaigns — seriously: check them out here. Their latest is no exception: Before you all start making jokes about gay priests and Anglican-on-Anglican action, understand what the purpose of the billboard is: St Matthew-in-the-City put up a billboard outside its central [Read More…]