You’re All Going to Hell

When a hellfire-obsessed preacher comes to your area, don’t miss the photo op! Jesus totally hated the sports nuts. (via Joe. My. God.) [Read more…]

National Day of Prayer Video Parody

Nerdiah made a parody of the National Day of Prayer video that actually matches its ominous, yet ridiculous, mood I love the last 30 seconds: Now, where is that peanut butter and jelly…? [Read more…]

The Pizza Dough Will Rise Again

The last time I heard about New Zealand’s Hell Pizza, they were buying a guy’s soul to get publicity. (Meh. It’s been done before.) And now they’re back with something a little more blasphemous. Their new billboards feature hot cross buns… and a reference to Jesus: I don’t see what’s so bad about that… they’re [Read More…]

The Christian Rebecca Black

What’s worse than Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” video? The Christian version of it… called “Sunday” (of course). … and the church that made it is located only miles from where I live. *Double face p(s)alm* … You know you want the lyrics… (I tried to transcribe it. My fault if there are any errors) Eight a.m., [Read More…]

This Must Be What They Teach At Creationism School

I love how Creationist “logic” works when faced with someone armed with the facts… First, a Christian website posted this ridiculous cartoon: Of course, we know the two situations are completely different. Snakes don’t talk. Neither do amoebas. We do, now, after billions of years of evolutionary progress. You’re crazy if you think a snake [Read More…]