Atheist Chess

Nicely done, Luke Surl: For those drawing a blank, this is the missing piece. Other chessboards can be found here! [Read more...]

Ordering A Hit on Mickey

Dateline: Anaheim, CA. Your Roving Reporter, Richard Wade One of Islam’s top clerics, Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaidan has issued a salvo of fatwas, not only calling for the death of executives of television broadcasting companies in the Middle East but also a much more disturbing and potentially disastrous threat. Western-style programming often in the form of  [Read More...]

They’ve Destroyed the Holy Ghost

(via xkcd) [Read more...]

The Good Book, Indeed?

In case you needed another reason to pick up a Bible. This seems like just another book… Wait a minute… what’s inside…? Hmm… this must be why those people carry their Bibles everywhere… Now I know what they mean by “holy water.” Or maybe I’ll just assume the liquid inside the flask is… umm… Gatorade. [Read More...]

The Book of Leviticus Explains the Rules for Riding Shotgun

I can’t seem to find the following in my copies of the Bible… but it’s on the Internets, so it has to be true: … 2 The owner of the vehicle shall always be the pilot, unless leprosy hath taken his legs. The pilot must always wear a safety girdle. 3 He who wishes to [Read More...]