What He Said

Jamie Kilstein rips about 39842 holes into Christian arguments against gay marriage: [Read more…]

So That’s How He Does It…

Jesus knew all sorts of amazing magic tricks: That one’s almost as good as his other tricks: Next thing you know, they’re gonna say Jesus didn’t even walk on water! Oh… (Cartoon by ndikol — via Reddit) [Read more…]

I See Your Jesus Fish and I Raise You 665

(via Reddit) [Read more…]

You Can’t Win When Kids Ask Questions

This isn’t going to end well… See the full strip for how that conversation went down. (Don’t forget the red dot!) It brings to mind comedian Louis CK‘s hilarious bit about children and the futility of answering their questions: You can’t win, even with the best of intentions… (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal — thanks [Read More…]

If God Says It, It Must Be True…

… unless he says something awful, in which case Christian apologists just have to find some rationalization for it. God never thought this whole “Supreme Infallible Deity” thing through, did he? [Read more…]