How the War on Christmas Began

Thanks to Jason Reich, I now understand everything. (via 23/6) [Read more...]

How Christians Can Talk to Atheists

Laci offers advice to Christians who want to speak to atheists: Wait a minute… Oh, I see what you did there. [Read more...]

Getting the Devil to Market Christianity

This Monday, The Prayer Channel, a Catholic religious television station in New York, will be rebranded as NET (New Evangelism Television). In order to market the new station, NET is enlisting the services of the Devil. “The Church has used the good vs. evil conflict to promote religion for two centuries,” [a spokesperson for the [Read More...]

Christ is Everywhere…

On a guitar, in an ultrasound, in a bowl of manicotti, etc. Thankfully, Cynical-C keeps track of all these sightings for us. [Read more...]

Prayer vs. Hard Work

That about covers it. (via Miscellanea) [Read more...]