It’s Missing a Scarlet A…

Over at Reddit, postguy2 created a new icon for atheism: Hmph. That man looks nothing like me. I’m deeply offended. [Read more…]

If God Held a Press Conference…

At least he’s honest (via SMBC Theater) [Read more…]

Flying Spaghetti Burger

That’s it. I’m done with the vegetarianism thing. After seeing this Flying Spaghetti Monster burger, how I can I not eat it? Apparently, it comes from a place called Gecko’s Bar & Tapas in Albuquerque, NM. As far as I can tell from their menu, they have no idea what they’ve created. (Thanks to Andrew [Read More…]

Ricky Gervais: ‘They Haven’t Got the Monopoly on Good’

Comedian Ricky Gervais appeared on “Piers Morgan Tonight” to talk about his “controversial” stint hosting the Golden Globes. Of course, atheism came up in conversation. Gervais says that religious people shouldn’t be offended at his recent pro-atheism talk. After all, he doesn’t get offended when they thank a god in their acceptance speeches. Gervais added [Read More…]

How Much is That Dawkins Book?

Reader Justin went to a local Barnes & Noble the other night and noticed that the price for Richard Dawkin‘s The Greatest Show on Earth had been reduced. He used his Members’ card, bought a copy, and only after did he see the final price: The only thing that would make it more amusing is [Read More…]