Why Is It So Hard to Say Goodbye?

David Hayward shows us a phenomenon I’m sure many Christians have experienced: But for so many of them, it doesn’t mean goodbye. If anything, they try to rationalize for the fact that god never actually responds. I just need stronger faith. That voice I just made up was God speaking to me, right? God will [Read More…]

I Need a Baby NOW…

… so that I can send out these delicious baby shower invitations: [Cue the vegetarian singing “I want my babybackbabybackbabyback…”] Apparently, it’s not just a play on words, either. BaByQ grills exist! (Thanks to Laura for the link!) [Read more…]

This Needs a Caption…

Reader Andrew sent along this picture from a church in Phoenix that’s just begging for a punchline: I’ll get you started with a couple suggestions, courtesy of Twitter: But he gets mad if we unwrap them outside of marriage. (via @Robguy) Agreed. I’ve enjoy many a people’s package. (via @dalestaines) @CarlyShea also pointed me to [Read More…]

What Is the Pastor Saying…?

Marc Alan Di Martino drew this cartoon. It’s crudely drawn, yes, but it made me laugh: Well, the man does love his wine… Not to take anything away from Marc, but you could draw the Pope saying just about anything and it could be funny… Forget the Pope. All you need is a religious leader [Read More…]

Moral of the Story: Don’t Sleep in the Passenger Seat

So I’m driving home from Wisconsin after a weekend away with the Ladyfriend. She’s very tired and decides to take a nap on my shoulder. No big deal. I can drive just fine. I get on a local road and I see a cop in my rear-view mirror somewhere in the distance. That’s fine. I [Read More…]