If a Pastor Had to Confess…

If pastors knew they were going to be called out every time they told a demonstrable lie in the pulpit, would their sermons change? What if a buzzer went off every time they asserted something even they didn’t fully accept? How many pastors says things just because it’s what the people want to hear? (via [Read More…]

Beware of Cults

… and that’s how the character on the left got kicked out of church. (via Mimi and Eunice) [Read more…]

You Call It ‘Dealing with the Heat Wave’…

… and I’ll call it “putting away the groceries.” (Thanks to JustMisterWho for the link!) [Read more…]

Looks Like Chicken…?

I’ve never read The Knight Life before, but maybe I should start… Moral of the comic strip: Changing your baby’s diaper turns you into an atheist. That’s gotta be it. (Thanks to David for the link!) [Read more…]

Put Your Junk In That Box

David Hayward points out something we’ve all witnessed: I don’t even think you need the word “Hate” in there. Hell, the people who oppose civil rights for gay people are among the first to say they “love” homosexuals… I’m putting you in that box in my mind the moment you start quoting the Bible to [Read More…]