The Non-Religious Air Compressor?

Reader Josh noticed this air compressor at his workplace: Who knew freethinkers ran companies like this?! [Read more...]

How Did Adam & Eve’s Kids Have Kids?

What happens when you put a Catholic priest, Father Jonathan Morris, on FOXNews and let people ask him religious questions? Entertainment. Puzzlement. Confusion. Were you expecting anything different? This is a great clip to watch He doesn’t know the answer… so he asks to use a lifeline. (It’s not like the Pope would know any [Read More...]

Anti-Science Celebrity Cards

You’ve already seen te fantastic God Trumps card from New Humanist magazine. Crispian Jago offers his version of Celebrity Quack Trumps. Below, we have anti-vaxer Jenny McCarthy and pro-cupper Gwyneth Paltrow: He has plenty of other entertaining cards at his site. (via Science, Reason and Critical Thinking) [Read more...]

God Is Not Your Bitch, Mark Sanford

If newspapers are in danger of going out of business, this is certainly one way to draw in the eyes of readers. Mark Morford of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote an article poking fun at Governor Mark Sanford‘s recent comments about how “God will make him better.” It’s called “God is not your bitch.” After [Read More...]

Do-It-Yourself God Billboards

You’ve seen those God billboards before, right? Now, you can make your own. I like this one: This is pretty good, too If you come up with anything good, comment away! (Thanks to Adam for the link!) [Read more...]