Louie‘s Episode About God

Comedian Louis CK‘s show Louie aired a wonderful episode dealing with God and Catholic school last week. It’s finally available on Hulu. The episode starts out downright scary (inside the Catholic school) but gets much better toward the end. (How awesome is the mother?) As usual, Louis CK’s comedy bits are awesome (Sorry to non-US [Read More…]

Is One Really Superior…?

Islam and Christianity are both frightening at times, full of false hope, and capable of even more destruction than they’ve already caused. Mr. Fish draws the truth: It’s incredible to hear some Christians talk about how superior their theology is to that of any other faith… maybe because they sing songs in massive churches and [Read More…]

Religion Is Like…

(via Joe. My. God.) Random story from the classroom: A couple years ago, I taught a remedial math class where some of the boys would draw penises on everything (maybe because Superbad had come out not long before…). It was very disturbing. I talked to them, their counselors, their parents. Nothing seemed to help. Anyway, [Read More…]

I Approve of Neverending Pareidolia

Well played, Zach Weiner: And that’s only the beginning. If we begin packing the envelopes now, the Tea Party will be out of commission come November… (via SMBC) [Read more…]

Dodge Jesus

I can’t tell if the driver is an oblivious Christian or a clever atheist… but I love the juxtaposition (Photo courtesy of reader Lorelei, who spotted the car in Lihue, Kauai in Hawaii.) [Read more…]