How the Rapture Could Have Gone…

… well, according to The Oatmeal, anyway: That’s only part 1. The rest is here [Read more…]

A Revised List of the Ten Commandments… from the Late 1800s

Adding to the collection of Watson Heston cartoons from the late 1800s, we have this: “A Modern Rendition of an Ancient Document” (click to enlarge) I love 6, 7, and 10! [Read more…]

What You Hear In Church

David Hayward isn’t exactly sure who the singer in his own cartoon represents. Is it the pastor? The people who sing horrendous worship songs? The church as a whole…? I’ll assume it’s all of the above. What I like about David is that he just gets where a lot of us who don’t go to [Read More…]

But There’s a Low of 58!

I knew it was getting hotter this week… At least it’ll all be better by Sunday! (via Buzzfeed) [Read more…]

Will You Be Raptured?

In order to help out those of you who are confused about what will happen on Saturday, I made this handy flow chart: [Read more…]