Now I’m a Believed-er

I would totally wear this t-shirt: It’s not offensive, it raises questions, and it could begin many a discussion. Perfect. (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]

The Up Side to Psychic Powers

When it works, it’s beautiful: (via XKCD) [Read more...]

Atheist Comedian Releases New Album

Keith Lowell Jensen has made a name for himself as an “atheist comedian” with the Co-Exist comedy tour. His latest album, To The Moon… Live at Luna’s, is available for purchase today. I had a chance to hear it and I liked it — It’s nice to hear the work of a comic still working [Read More...]

Another Religion-Related Family Moment

I had to think for a moment about why this comic strip was both funny and tragic. I finally figured it out. It’s the “haha” in the second panel. That’s what gives it that special little kick. (via Comic Blasphemy) [Read more...]

Q&A with the Supreme Pastafarian

Bobby Henderson, the founder of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is hosting a nice question-and-answer session over at Reddit. He’s answering everything so get your questions in there! [Read more...]