How to Teach Your Child About Religion

Jenny Lawson (a.k.a. The Bloggess) is always entertaining to read, but this piece about her daughter and religion is especially awesome. A few weeks ago [my daughter] entered the Sunday School contest for “Make-your-own-Armor-of-God” with a sword she made from cardboard and tinfoil. She won. When I asked why she wasn’t more excited about it, [Read More…]

‘Mass’ Destruction?

David Hayward points out one of the most divisive weapons we’ve ever created: The Bible isn’t the only problem, though. It’s any holy book. Or, more broadly, it’s anything dogmatic, anything that tells you “This is the Absolute Truth and anyone who disagrees is the enemy.” (via nakedpastor) [Read more…]

Hello Again!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was wonderful. I zip-lined through the jungle. (And didn’t fall off and die!) I went snorkeling in the ocean. (Holy $#&%, there are some freaky things down there…) I drank 3928412 strawberry margaritas. (Who needs to learn Spanish when you can just point to red liquid-y things and make a chugging gesture [Read More…]

A Little Italian in Everything They Make

Reader Amy was in an Italian restaurant in Summerville, South Carolina last week, saw this ad in the bathroom, and took a picture because she figured I’d appreciate it: (I love how she saw this ad and immediately thought of me…) It seems only natural that they would put babies in spaghetti sauce. All the [Read More…]

The Comment Thread for God’s Creation

God created the world in six days and then blogged about it. Paul Simms at the New Yorker lets us in on the comments people left for God on his day of rest: Going carbon-based for the life-forms seems a tad obvious, no? … Why are the creatures more or less symmetrical on a vertical [Read More…]