A Fun Response to Rapture Day

As May 21st approaches, reader Amanda has a fantastic idea: Everyone gather up a full set of clothes, including shoes. Place them in a public area on May 21st, as if someone was raptured. Underneath, place a note which says: “The rapture is a MYTH, but people and their needs are REAL, and these clothes [Read More…]

Dead End

Reader Alex sent me this beautifully ironic photo that he saw on a street leading up to a cemetery: [Read more…]

Do They Ever Grow Up…?

(via nakedpastor) [Read more…]

Shirts for the Rapture

Reader Sebastian created a lot of awesome t-shirt designs that atheists might like to wear during the Impending Rapture: A few more designs can be found here! [Read more…]

Atheists in The Office

In case you missed The Office this week, Dwight is the interim regional manager. One of the things he does with his power trip is make all the employees say the Pledge of Allegiance. The camera then pans in on Oscar keeping his mouth shut while everyone else says “Under God” (sorry, non-Hulu people!): Later [Read More…]