The Pope Had Another Bad Week…

Has Pope Benedict XVI *ever* had a good week? (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]

A Few More Pope Cartoons

Unlike the last one, these better reflect how people ought to be thinking about the Pope. His words just get more under my skin the more I think about it… From Chan Lowe: From Mike Luckovich: From Tony Auth: (via Slate) [Read more...]

Out of Touch with Reality

Here’s an interesting cartoon from the New Zealand Herald News: “He might be in touch with God but he’s definitely not in touch with reality”? Blogger Ken had the same reaction I did to it: I think that it’s safe to assume that anyone who claims they are in touch with God is out of [Read More...]

How Many Theists Are Like This?

In my experience, a lot of older Christians may think this is completely misrepresenting them. I wonder, though, how often this applies to younger Christians who grew up in the church and have not been challenged about their beliefs very much: Is it accurate or not? Is it offensive? Keep in mind it was drawn [Read More...]

What Happens If You Don’t Respond to Someone’s Sneeze?

As if you needed another website to get addicted to. This one is called (The Customer Is) Not Always Right and it’s full of hilarious conversations between employees and their customers. In the following conversation, the customer service person (“Me”) is talking to one disturbed caller (“Customer”)…: Me: “All right, just a moment here while [Read More...]