Babies: Juggle or Eat?

I don’t know why it took this long for someone to tell me about Barry Louis Polisar: This man is a genius. Just check out the lyrics: I always thought that cows looked prettier in a field Than on my plate at supper being served up as the meal. And though I do like hamburger, [Read More...]

Disney PIXAR’s Up Scares the Conservative Christians

Pastor Deacon Fred has seen Disney PIXAR’s Up and he doesn’t like it one bit: If the sight of an old man with balloons in a confined space, alone with a little boy doesn’t raise every anointed hair on your Godly neck, then you need to check yourself into a Baptist Mental Hospital!… … As [Read More...]

The Church-State Walls Breaks Down

Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald-Leader explains the breakdown of the wall of separation between church and state: [Read more...]

Sex with Ducks

Pat Robertson said on The 700 Club that if hate crimes legislation was passed, then weird people who like to have sex with ducks (or little boys) could be protected under that law. A couple women took that to heart and created this wonderful video: You know, if this happened every time the Religious Right [Read More...]

Rational Thinking and Facts!? Oh No!

The Onion mockup addresses a real situation: When people talk about their faith, the downsides include hearing a lot of bad logic, listening to superstitious nonsense, and having fundamentalists say they want an even more Christian society: At least The Onion gives space to people who share a fundamentalist mindset: Goddamn it, nothing’s working! It’s [Read More...]