The Christian Rebecca Black

What’s worse than Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” video? The Christian version of it… called “Sunday” (of course). … and the church that made it is located only miles from where I live. *Double face p(s)alm* … You know you want the lyrics… (I tried to transcribe it. My fault if there are any errors) Eight a.m., [Read More…]

This Must Be What They Teach At Creationism School

I love how Creationist “logic” works when faced with someone armed with the facts… First, a Christian website posted this ridiculous cartoon: Of course, we know the two situations are completely different. Snakes don’t talk. Neither do amoebas. We do, now, after billions of years of evolutionary progress. You’re crazy if you think a snake [Read More…]

Don’t Ask Questions in Church!

This is what happens when you express doubt in the religious world: Even when you get the chance to ask a question to a pastor, the response is usually full of bullshit — the meaningless recitation of some Bible verse or a made-up answer that has no basis in the truth. The church doesn’t know [Read More…]

Trying the Make Sense of the ’72 Virgins’ Myth…

Reader Alex has several questions about the supposed Islamic belief in men receiving 72 virgins in the afterlife: Where do these 72 virgins come from? Does anyone specify that these virgins are all female? Assuming they are, are they supposed to be the souls of women who died before having sex in their mortal life? [Read More…]

The Cost of Getting Married?

The Bible Tutor is back and she’s teaching us all about 1 Samuel 17-18 and what David did to get his wife: I love the last line And now I know what I need to show my future bride’s father when I’m ready to propose: [Read more…]