Bill Maher on Hypocritical Christians

Last night on Real Time, Bill Maher explained the hypocrisy of many Evangelical Christians: … If you’re a Christian who supports killing your enemies and torture, you have to come up with a new name for yourself. The bit begins at the 2:35 mark: I was really surprised that Maher used the word “Christian” as [Read More…]

Countdown to Backpedaling

The people behind the Ask An Atheist show have a nice little “countdown to the Rapture” at a website called The site’s URL is a response to Family Radio’s Ask An Atheist also has an awesome party planned for the night if the Rapture… you know, just for those of you Left Behind [Read More…]

The Sharing Bible

I was looking at my bookshelf last night when I came across a Bible (I have several…) that I hadn’t seen in a long time. And I remember writing about it on this site years ago, but I don’t think most of you were reading this site back then… So I’m going to plagiarize myself. [Read More…]

Freethought Cartoon from 1890

A week ago, I posted a cartoon from 1903 that would be in line with the “New Atheism” of today. This one is even better. Keep in mind this was drawn in 1890! It’s from The Freethinkers’ Pictorial Text-Book by Watson Heston. (Click to enlarge) In case you can’t see it, along the “Freethought Road,” [Read More…]

Can We Overpower the Exclamation Marks?

There are people who ask tough questions, who (at least theoretically) are willing to change their mind if the evidence points the other way, who don’t pretend to know all the answers, who can see both sides of the debate when warranted. I like those people. We need more of those people. Then, there are [Read More…]