The Nine Circles of Atheist Hell

Jim Underdown, the Executive Director of the Center for Inquiry – Los Angeles, takes a page from Dante’s Inferno and outlines his Nine Circles of Atheist Hell: Circle #5 Any Catholic church in August in Chicago. You are sentenced to a perpetual wedding mass which includes taking communion, doing all the Stations of the Cross, [Read More...]

Seth MacFarlane on the Rise of Atheism: “It’s About Fucking Time”

What does Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane have to say about the rise of the atheists? “It’s about fucking time.” Here he is on Real Time with Bill Maher last night: Bill tries to give credit for this to his movie Religulous. Of course, this movement was happening long before he came onto the scene. [Read More...]

Atheist Bust Campaign

I don’t know how this idea originated… but I like it! The Atheist Bust Campaign: But who should be the model…? (And did I just open up a can of worms?) (That mockup is by Flickr user Krypto.) [Read more...]

Ways To Come Out as an Atheist

Atheist writer Nica Lalli has an article at the On Faith blog titled “How to Say You Don’t Believe.” She discusses different ways to come out as an atheist. While some are serious, others are much more entertaining… Here are just a couple examples: The Door Knob Declaration … As you leave the family home, [Read More...]

Why Are Atheists Less Intelligent Than Christians?

Because God = Scissors. Your favorite Poe explains it all: (via Jesusophile) [Read more...]