How *Dare* the Comedian Make Fun of Atheists!

I was watching Comedy Central recently and saw stand-up by comedian Bret Ernst. Watch the clip below… around the 0:49 mark. Stand-Up: Bret Ernst – Kept His Word Funny Jokes Funny Videos Daniel Tosh Stand-Up For a moment, let’s put aside the fact that Ernst is completely wrong about atheists being “responsible for [Read More…]

The Hitchslap

Got some free time this weekend? Here’s 15 minutes of Christopher Hitchens at his finest It only gets better toward the end. [Read more…]

Why Is There Suffering in the World?

Now, it all makes sense: Don’t forget to click on the red dot! (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) [Read more…]

This Needs a New Caption…

The other day, this was the “Dennis the Menace” comic strip published across the country: I’m pretty sure you all can come up with a more amusing caption for that image… Prove me right! (via The Comics Curmudgeon — thanks to Colin for the link!) [Read more…]

The Glory and the Spout

Umm… hey, Oral Roberts Ministries, I know you’re proud of your magazine Miracles and all, but you should really get someone outside your staff to approve your covers… Wow… (Thanks to Meredith for the link!) [Read more…]