A Church with a Sense of Humor

There are so many Christians out there who get easily offended by people who criticize their faith or even make jokes about it that we ought to commend a church that takes the jokes and spits them right back. St Matthew-in-the-City church in Auckland, New Zealand is responsible for these memorable ads: They’re GLBT friendly, [Read More…]

I’ll Take Mine Without Frosting

This video was ruined for me after I read the title. How dare they tease atheists like that… (Thanks to all 3298423 of you for sending me the link!) [Read more…]

Jesus vs. The Easter Bunny

The last time I posted one of religiousantagonist Mike Lee‘s videos, I called him “The Johnny Knoxville of atheism.” After watching his latest video, I stand by that. It looks like something right out of “Jackass.” I’ll admit: it made me laugh. Mike plays Jesus, chasing after the Easter Bunny, in public. (Video contains NSFW [Read More…]

The Kids Will Be Sondheimized

If you watched “Modern Family” this past Wednesday, you saw an episode in which Cam was (interim) directing a musical at Luke and Manny‘s school. At one point he says the line: This production was a joke until I introduced these children to the musical theater greats: Bernstein, Sondheim. Years from now some of these [Read More…]

Ricky Gervais’ Easter Message

The Wall Street Journal knows exactly what to do when there’s a religious holiday coming up: Have Ricky Gervais write an article about it. It worked incredibly well last Christmas, and now he’s back for Easter. This time, he’s talking about why he’s a better Christian than… well… most Christians. Because he actually follows the [Read More…]