Sell the Vatican, Feed the World

Sarah Silverman offerer her solution to the hunger crisis on last night’s Real Time with Bill Maher: I would thoroughly enjoy eating my Vatican-bought pizza [Read more...]

Satan Did It

Oh man! All the fundies were right all along. Million-year-old fossils? Just planted by Satan. Radiometric dating? The devil’s handiwork. The genetic similarities of different species? I’ll let the video explain that one… At least we now know where the Crocoduck comes from (via SMBC Theater — Thanks to Zach for the link!) [Read more...]

The Crystal Ball Knows All

Yep. It read my mind. I was impressed: (via Luke Surl Comics) [Read more...]

John Oliver Talks to Jesus-Gun-Loving Tea Party Protester

In case you missed it last week, John Oliver of The Daily Show spoke to Tea Party protesters to get their advice for the G20 protesters. This lady may have been the scariest Teabagger of them all… The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Tea Partiers Advise G20 Protesters [Read More...]

Worst Dilemma Ever

A Klondike bar in your freezer begins talking to you, claiming to be the voice of God. It instructs you to slay your firstborn son. What would you do-o-o? (via McSweeney’s) [Read more...]