Don’t Play the Lottery

It’s like your Statistics teacher (should have) told you: “The lottery is a tax on dumb people.” Or some variation of that (via Pearls Before Swine) [Read more…]

What Will Happen Post-Rapture?

Nothing out of the ordinary: (via Doonesbury) [Read more…]

It’s Even Funnier If You Think It’s About Vaccinations

I loved one of the commercial parodies from Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The setup is this (actual) commercial about high fructose corn syrup. The parody features Kristen Wiig (Mom 1) and Nasim Pedrad (Mom 2). If you can, watch it before you read the transcript below: Mom 1: Wow! You don’t care what [Read More…]

A Fun Response to Rapture Day

As May 21st approaches, reader Amanda has a fantastic idea: Everyone gather up a full set of clothes, including shoes. Place them in a public area on May 21st, as if someone was raptured. Underneath, place a note which says: “The rapture is a MYTH, but people and their needs are REAL, and these clothes [Read More…]

Dead End

Reader Alex sent me this beautifully ironic photo that he saw on a street leading up to a cemetery: [Read more…]