Pillow of Doom

7-year-old Silas attending a Bible camp this summer and came home with a pillow that left his mother a bit… conflicted: Anyone care to offer an explanation? (Thanks to Hilary for the link!) [Read more…]

The Caption Made Me Laugh

(via SMBC) [Read more…]

A Scary Combination?

Jessica Hagy combines Adult Attention with Danger for Kids and the result is…: I know most people who served mass did so without incident, but it’s still amazing to me how anyone could defend the actions of the Catholic Church. This issue hasn’t been in the news lately, their pedophile coverup shouldn’t be forgotten anytime [Read More…]

Rationalism vs. Religion

Oh man, I’m totally re-upping on Rationalism when my subscription is set to expire: (via Crispian Jago) [Read more…]

Win a Copy of ¡Satiristas! by Paul Provenza and Dan Dion

Comedian Paul Provenza is the man behind the movie The Aristocrats and he’s the marquee name in the new Showtime series The Green Room with Paul Provenza. I had a chance to hear him speak at The Amazing Meeting 8 about his book ¡Satiristas!: Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs & Vulgarians — a collection of interviews with [Read More…]