Harold Camping’s Predicting Secret

Crispian Jago figured out how Harold Camping predicts the important events in the world! October 21st. Got it. End of the world? Sure, why not. (via Science, Reason and Critical Thinking) [Read more…]

We Can Say This At Graduation, Right?

Forget the Lord’s Prayer. Mike Lee created the Blasphemer’s Prayer: Works for me! [Read more…]

Jesus Didn’t Come… and He’s Never Going To

It doesn’t matter how big your signs are or how certain you are that your faith is correct. The Rapture didn’t happen yesterday. It’s not going to happen in your lifetime. It’s never going to happen, period. You’re better off giving up the silly belief and just getting on with your life… At the very [Read More…]

How the Rapture Could Have Gone…

… well, according to The Oatmeal, anyway: That’s only part 1. The rest is here [Read more…]

A Revised List of the Ten Commandments… from the Late 1800s

Adding to the collection of Watson Heston cartoons from the late 1800s, we have this: “A Modern Rendition of an Ancient Document” (click to enlarge) I love 6, 7, and 10! [Read more…]