Old Spice Carl Sagan

The most amusing thing you’ll see all day — a mashup of Carl Sagan‘s Pale Blue Dot and the Old Spice commercial: (via @rebeccawatson) [Read more…]

This Atheist Billboard *Might* Be Offensive

After hearing that some of the British billboards urging people to mark “no religion” on the Census were censored, Crispian Jago came up with his own ad mockup that might actually warrant that treatment… Catchy slogan, though! [Read more…]

The Secret to Wisdom

David Hayward probably doesn’t realize it, but he just created a new atheist bumper sticker: It’s mindboggling to me why so many churches would stifle questioning and doubt, especially with children. To simply “have faith” or to suggest that “god did it” when it was really a natural process is a copout. If Christianity was [Read More…]

You and Jesus Are Not in a Relationship

Well, Dusty‘s not about to win over any Christian fans. In fact, he’ll probably piss off a handful of atheists with his abrasive style. But it’s hard to disagree with what he says: Christians can’t “have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ” because it’s always a one-way interaction. (Possible NSFW language.) If you could have [Read More…]

Christians Are An Inclusive Bunch!

… as long as you think and speak and act and believe exactly as they do. Thank you, homogeneous white men. It’s a cartoon, but that’s really the attitude you see from a lot of church leaders. The rebels who buck the trend quickly get branded as unChristian. That intolerance in the face of dissent [Read More…]