It Needs a Caption…

You’re creative and you have Photoshopping skills. Now use those talents! This one’s amusing, but you can do better. [Read more…]

Does He Lead a Triple Life?

It’s summer and I’m home. Don’t judge me. I was watching an old episode of True Life on MTV and the episode was about people who lead double lives. One of the subjects was Mitch, a 22-year-old who is an “adult filmmaker with two girlfriends.” The girls don’t know about each other — or what [Read More…]

Mark Twain Would Have Been an Excellent New Atheist

Mark Twain instructed that his uncensored, complete autobiography not be published for 100 years after his death. He died in 1910. You can do the math. The book doesn’t come out until November but Newsweek has a wonderful excerpt: About once a year some pious public library banishes Huck Finn from its children’s department, and [Read More…]

My Weekend at the Secular Student Alliance Conference

I’m finally back home (and rested) from the annual Secular Student Alliance conference in Ohio. I’ve been involved with the organization for several years and this was by far the best conference our staff has put together. A few thoughts on why it worked — and other thoughts about the weekend — are below… The [Read More…]

Baby Cake with Feet

Normally, I’m all for baby cakes. But this one is a bit creepy… Oh, wait! I get it. It’s Upside-Down (Baby) Cake. In that case, someone cut me a slice. (Thanks to Elyse for the link!) [Read more…]