The Foundation of the Church

David Hayward admits that some Christian churches are built this way: You have to wonder how many rich pastors and televangelists would continue doing their job (preaching the Gospel?) if their salaries were reduced to what most of their audience makes. Would they have the conviction to keep preaching because “God called them to do [Read More…]

When Bible-Reading Includes Everything…

A note to Bible tutors: Remember to include all the stories in the Bible, not just the cherry-picked ones. The kids will undoubtedly thank you for it: (via Atheist Media Blog) [Read more…]

Maybe You Shouldn’t Always Tell Your Kids the Truth

My favorite comedian Louis CK explains why you shouldn’t always tell the truth about science and the world to your seven-year-old daughter (NSFW language): She handled it pretty well, I think [Read more…]

How To Recruit Women Into Your Atheist Group

Watching this video by Spontatheist is like peering into a woman’s (non-existent) soul…: What did I learn from the video? If group leaders simply advertised on paper like this, they would have a hard time keeping the ladies away! And I’m sure there was something important in the last ten seconds of the video, but [Read More…]

It’s Missing a Scarlet A…

Over at Reddit, postguy2 created a new icon for atheism: Hmph. That man looks nothing like me. I’m deeply offended. [Read more…]