What Do You Say When an Agnostic Sneezes?

Go to Cyanide & Happiness for the punchline [Read more…]

What Is and Isn’t An ‘Act of God’?

Comedian Ricky Gervais has an entertaining bit about what constitutes an “Act of God” in his latest stand-up special “Science”: [Read more…]

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Jeff Stahler tells the truth in his comic strip Moderately Confused: Reader Dan, who lives in Columbus, Ohio, adds: The cartoonist is local. It’s surprising to see something like this in a town as preachy and Jesus-y as C’bus. Maybe I’m not the only godless infidel in town after all! (Dan, you live near the [Read More…]

Richard Dawkins Answers Questions and Reads His Hatemail

Richard Dawkins agreed to answer the most popular questions for him at Reddit. They were asked and voted upon, and now Dawkins has responded with this video: Hatemail sounds so much cooler when read with a British accent [Read more…]

This Was Really in a Jehovah’s Witness Publication…?

The Jehovah’s Witnesses put out a monthly magazine called Awake! which is a companion publication to the Watchtower. In this month’s issue (PDF), the cover story on “Atheism on the March” has a very interesting beginning… Yes, how dare those New Atheists not keep their views to themselves!? It’s so rude when people just intrude [Read More…]