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The Funniest Speech About Atheism You’ll Ever Read

Editor-in-Chief of The Onion Scott Dikkers spoke at last year’s Freedom From Religion Foundation conference. While he gave this talk back in October, it wasn’t online until now. It’s one of the funniest speeches about the public image of atheists you’ll ever read. Here’s one excerpt: So, I saw this U. of Minn. survey that [Read More...]

It’s Your Own Miracle!

You may want to sit down for this. This morning, I saw myself on a pancake: This must mean I am God. Victory is mine! It can be yours, too. Just upload a picture, decide how you’d like your image to appear on the miracle spectrum (ranging from “super subtle” to “super obvious”), and save! [Read More...]

Evolution, Illustrated

The first Richard Dawkins book I ever read was The Ancestor’s Tale. (It’s still my favorite by far.) I think I became his fan within the first couple pages. That’s because Dawkins referenced this iconic picture of “evolution in action”: Dawkins wrote about a major flaw with the image. It showed: … man as evolution’s [Read More...]

All Your Religions Are False

All the religions are false, says Joel Grus. He spoke about damn near every religion — including Jedi-ism, Messianic Judaism, and Singularitarianism — at the recent BIL (Benevolence. Illuminating. Logic.) conference in Long Beach, CA. He likes Joel Osteen, too The talk is hilarious. Enjoy! (Thanks to Lexi, the speaker wrangler for BIL, for the [Read More...]