Missing Baby Found… Where?!

I grew very excited when I saw the headline. I gather you can imagine my frustration afterwards… how dare they mislead me that way?! (Thanks to Nick for the link!) [Read more...]

A Bible-Based Marriage

Ohh… so this is what traditional marriage is supposed to be like: An arranged marriage doesn’t sound so bad now… (via Greta Christina’s Blog) [Read more...]

Our Place in the Universe…

Pale blue dot? More like pale blue blob… (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal — Thanks to Zombie Girl for the link!) [Read more...]

Ideas for Religious Bus Ads?

In response to the Atheist Bus Campaign ads, Ryan North and his dinosaurs offer a few suggestions for religious responses: Incidentally, the title of the strip is: where are the hindus with their “there’s probably many gods. now stop worrying and enjoy your lives.” buses? WHERE?? Would you like to suggest any other potential religious [Read More...]

Google As God

We already know about The Church of Google, but in the latest issue of American Atheist, Tucker Lieberman and Richard Wassersug examine the idea of “Google as God” a bit more seriously (though with a sense of humor about it). The article is short but very interesting — it’s not available at the American Atheists [Read More...]