Is One Really Superior…?

Islam and Christianity are both frightening at times, full of false hope, and capable of even more destruction than they’ve already caused. Mr. Fish draws the truth: It’s incredible to hear some Christians talk about how superior their theology is to that of any other faith… maybe because they sing songs in massive churches and [Read More…]

Religion Is Like…

(via Joe. My. God.) Random story from the classroom: A couple years ago, I taught a remedial math class where some of the boys would draw penises on everything (maybe because Superbad had come out not long before…). It was very disturbing. I talked to them, their counselors, their parents. Nothing seemed to help. Anyway, [Read More…]

I Approve of Neverending Pareidolia

Well played, Zach Weiner: And that’s only the beginning. If we begin packing the envelopes now, the Tea Party will be out of commission come November… (via SMBC) [Read more…]

Dodge Jesus

I can’t tell if the driver is an oblivious Christian or a clever atheist… but I love the juxtaposition (Photo courtesy of reader Lorelei, who spotted the car in Lihue, Kauai in Hawaii.) [Read more…]

Oh, Right, We Don’t Do Those Things

Tell me again why so many religious people think they stand upon some “moral high ground” because of their faith…? (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more…]