Christ is Everywhere…

On a guitar, in an ultrasound, in a bowl of manicotti, etc. Thankfully, Cynical-C keeps track of all these sightings for us. [Read more...]

Prayer vs. Hard Work

That about covers it. (via Miscellanea) [Read more...]

Raising a Little Skeptic

Pastor Mike here… So we get out of church this morning where my three-year-old has heard the Annunciation story in Children’s Church (i.e. the story of the angel visiting Mary and telling her she’s pregnant with the Messiah), and after telling us all about it, she goes on to say that “It’s just a story. [Read More...]

Why is The Astrological Magazine Going Out of Business?

Apparently, The Astrological Magazine ceased production last year. Why? This screenshot may give you some indication: Anyone else see the irony…? (via Hindu Atheist) [Read more...]

After the Week of Sex, How Could They Go Back?

I wonder how future church “challenges” will go over with the crowd now that the week of sex is over. Good luck getting the congregation to read the Bible now. … Attempting to draw a contrast with a recent Dallas church’s own 7-day challenge, [pastor Henry] Waldrip suggested that Christians ought to spend more time [Read More...]