If Only the Bible Were Written Like This…

I think this ending is *way* more interesting than the current version (subtitles are in the video): (Thanks to Sandro for the link!) [Read more…]

Why Don’t Christians Use Snopes When Sending an Email?

Jon Acuff explains what we all know to be true: Christians don’t use Snopes or Google when sending email. He writes about how to tell when an email from a Christian is worth deleting: 2. Crazy subject line. If you see the word, “Horrible” or the phrases, “If you’re a Christian, you must read this,” [Read More…]

Write a Review of The Bible (As If It Just Came Out Today)

Here’s an interesting thread in the Friendly Atheist Forums: Write a book review of the Bible as if it’s never been published before. xpastor wrote this entertaining review: We’re told nothing about the authors. Internal evidence — chiefly the pictures of young men with wavy shoulder-length hair and beards — suggests that it may be [Read More…]

How Would YouTube Commenters React to Jesus?

What would happen if you took the Sermon on the Mount… … and put it on YouTube? Go here to find out. This is why I never bother reading YouTube comments… (Thanks to J B for the link!) [Read more…]

Welcome to Church… No Questions Allowed

David Hayward takes us on a visit to a Christian church: My own experience is that questions aren’t welcomed and are actually considered dangerous. It’s okay to have questions, as long as you keep them to yourself. Once they escape your keyboard, your pen or your mouth, all havoc breaks loose. You will pay the [Read More…]