Polyamory is Wrong

JulietEcho has written a couple widely-read pieces about polyamory. But I have to break it to her: polyamory is wrong: Good to get that off my chest. Laurie Higgins would be proud. (Thanks to Ungullible for the link!) [Read more…]

A Beer for Jesus

The Cutler Bay Brewing Company produces what I’m told is very delicious beer. It’s home-grown for now and not for sale anywhere. Perhaps even better than the beer are the bottle labels. Here’s one of their latest: There’s one reason to wish heaven actually existed, yes? The other labels are funny, too, but likely NSFW. [Read More…]

A Christian’s Clearest Thoughts About God

What are your thoughts about god? David Hayward shows us a Christian’s “clearest thoughts about god“: Funny, I think I feel the same way… (via nakedpastor) [Read more…]

Drinking Sacramental Wine

Mark Schatzker of Ontario, Canada discovered a loophole when it came to buying wine in the area: Sacramental wine may be this province’s most glorious loophole. This sacred tipple, which is no different from regular wine -– it isn’t blessed or grown on holy land or anything like that -– is hardly tainted by the [Read More…]

There’s No Such Thing As “Miracle Whip”

As an atheist, I am proud to endorse this product: Careful, though: Spread that baby on Jesus-branded bread and the world may explode. (via Savage Chickens — Thanks to Joe for the link!) [Read more…]