I’m (Not) With Stupid

Recently, Fred Phelps and the other nuts at Westboro Baptist Church protested near a midwest high school for no good reason (other than, perhaps, the existence of liberal faculty members…?). I’ve blurred out the school’s identifying information in the pic below, but you can see that several of the high school students staged a counter [Read More…]

The Intellectual Capability of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron will soon be distributing copies of Darwin’s masterpiece (along with a Creationist introduction) at campuses across the country. I don’t think that’ll go over so well… many college students (though not all) are capable of thinking for themselves and that’s not good for Cameron or Comfort, who need you to [Read More…]

God is a Voyeur

(via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more…]

Baptismal Flushing

If all baptisms were like this, maybe I’d consider going to one… the religious would enjoy the baptism. I would enjoy the flushing of an infant. Everyone would leave happy. The cartoon is Freethunk! by Jeff Swenson. (via Humanist Network News) [Read more…]

Biblical Logic in a Nutshell

(via nakedpastor) [Read more…]