The Secret Lives of Atheists

Hmm… they’ve made a documentary about atheists. Our secrets are out! Definitely NSFW… (Thanks to Stephanie for the link!) [Read more…]

God is Black

David Hayward talks about the silence of god: It’s amazing to me that religious people live their lives as if god is speaking to them in all those black panels and they know precisely what he’s saying… and then, they get call us “militant” or “angry” for pointing out the obvious: there’s nothing there. (via [Read More…]

A Comedian’s Religion Rant

Comedian Bo Burnham‘s special “Words, Words, Words” airs tonight on Comedy Central — his new CD will be released on Tuesday — and here’s a sneak preview that Catholics may not like… Lots of excellent wordplay in here. Here are the lyrics in case you’d like to follow along: All the seats at the Sunday [Read More…]

Baby Shirts

You know what would make these designs even better? Putting them on t-shirts. What?! Already done? Fantastic. Now, all I have to do is find an atheist convention where my shirts will be appreciated… (Thanks to The Godless Monster for the link!) [Read more…]

Godless Wine

Well, I’ll be damned. They made a wine just for atheists: (Thanks to Doug for the images!) [Read more…]