After the Week of Sex, How Could They Go Back?

I wonder how future church “challenges” will go over with the crowd now that the week of sex is over. Good luck getting the congregation to read the Bible now. … Attempting to draw a contrast with a recent Dallas church’s own 7-day challenge, [pastor Henry] Waldrip suggested that Christians ought to spend more time [Read More...]

Toby Keith on the War on Christmas

In case you missed it on A Colbert Christmas, here’s country music star Toby Keith singing about the War on Christmas and what he’s going to do to us evil atheists! [Read more...]

A Newtonian Christmas/Birthday Card

Here’s yet another wonderful card to give those atheist friends this Winter You can buy them at Powers Media. (Thanks to Paul for the link!) [Read more...]

Conclusive Proof That Dogs Can Be Atheists

I posed the question the other day: Can a dog be an atheist? Reed has shown me proof that dogs can indeed be Godless: The debate has been settled. [Read more...]

Jesus Likes the Wine

The latest Cyanide and Happiness comic ends with this panel, so you *know* it must be good: [Read more...]