The Atheist Playground

Is there a War on Christmas? Nope. Are atheists trying to take over public schools? Of course not. Do atheists dominate local governments? Not even close. And yet, many Christians complain if atheists make themselves known in even the smallest way…: (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more…]

George Rekers Is Completely Heterosexual

Roy Zimmerman reworked his song “Ted Haggard Is Completely Heterosexual” to describe some current events… [Read more…]

Did Someone Wear This At Your Wedding?

I don’t personally know the person who will soon don this… but I want him to preside over my future wedding: Now, all we need is a Flying Spaghetti Monster wedding cake and my plans will be set. Can’t think of anything else I’m forgetting… [Read more…]

This is What Church is Like

I know a lot of you have been to church way more than I have, but based on my experiences at the bigger, non-denominational megachurches, I can vouch that this pretty much sums it up: Just fyi, that video was created by a church that is poking fun at itself. It’s funny because it’s true… [Read More…]

No One Should Restore Stephen Baldwin

You may have already seen the site As far as I can tell, it’s a real site, not a parody. (Poe’s Law is in effect.) I love this response to it, though, from Robert Paul Reyes at NewsBlaze: I laugh when I hear born-again Christians complain that they are persecuted for their faith. Christianity [Read More…]