Nothing Happens When You Lose Your Faith

David Hayward points out how times have changed for atheists: Has God gotten nicer? Of course not. Hell, Christians today still think you’re going to burn in hell eternally if you don’t buy into their mythology. The first panel mixes fiction with fear. The second panel is honest. Nothing happens when you lose your faith. [Read More…]

A Hawaiian Delicacy?

“Keiki” is the Hawaiian word for “Baby.” Keep that in mind as you look at the menu that reader Allison and her husband saw at a restaurant during their recent vacation there … we ate at this little restaurant with terrible service, but we had to forgive them once we found out they serve Baby [Read More…]

If Everyone Vandalized the Billboard…

Christian Chrissy Satterfield advocated vandalizing billboards you disagree with, so Atheist Cartoons shows us that thought taken to the next level… Oh, yeah. I like where this is going… [Read more…]

It’s Not Really a Face

The atheist webcomic Cectic is back after a year-and-a-half hiatus! Welcome back, Rudis [Read more…]

Rules for a God Debate

If you’re moderating a debate between Christians and atheists anytime soon, I suggest going over some ground rules first. It’ll make everything run more smoothly… (via NonStampCollector) [Read more…]