Those Atheist Fundamentalists…

If you’re religious, how do tell the difference between an atheist and an atheist “fundamentalist”? The fundamentalist is the one who dares to mention her beliefs out loud. I think that’s all there is to it. Jesus and Mo agree: (via Jesus and Mo) [Read more…]

Try This with Your Email Signatures

If you’re like me, you’ve received those emails from Christian friends that have a Bible verse in the signature line. It looks like a variant of the following: Bob — The party starts at 7:00 p.m. — Christian ————————- John 3:16 Here’s a fun experiment you can try. Put a Bible verse in your signature [Read More…]

Jenny McCarthy Gets Her Own Fragrance

First, Richard Dawkins gets his own cologne. Now, Jenny McCarthy?! Well if they can have them, I want my own, too, dammit. It will smell like a mix of Chipotle, spaghetti, and Atomic Fireballs. (via Science, Reason, and Critical Thinking) [Read more…]

Richard Dawkins: The Cologne

Next time I go an atheist conference, I’m totally wearing this: The ladies will be flocking to me. Umm… *ahem*… more than usual, that is. A word of advice to the men: This is one time where too much Reason may work against you. Use in moderation, please. (via Ariane Sherine) [Read more…]

The FSM Car

I’m positive that if they mass-produced these Flying Spaghetti Monster cars, the whole industry would recover: (via Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) [Read more…]