If Only There Were Atheist Barbies…

Apparently, there now exists an Episcopal Priest Barbie (High Church Edition). (Which is really the gift all little kids want this year.) But Jen has gone one step further and created a toy that children of non-religious parents can love just as much: Atheist Barbie: Mmm… lunch. Gotta say, if someone made that, I would [Read More…]

Baby Café

Wait… there’s a Baby Café in Panama City, Florida and no one told me when I visited that state?! I missed out. (Thanks to Bethany for the link!) [Read more…]

The End of the Jesus Journey?

This cartoon’s from David Hayward (a.k.a. nakedpastor), who recently left his position as church pastor. Anyone who has walked that same course can tell you how tough that journey is. However — and I’m sure the commenters can attest to this — you’re so much better off as a result. If David were to draw [Read More…]

Learning to Speak Christianese

Having trouble understanding what Christians are really saying? Now, there’s a helpful video guide, courtesy of The Thinking Atheist: There are a few more parts where that came from. (via The Radula) [Read more…]

Back in Their Burkas Again

A beautiful rendition of a song telling women to take off those oppressive burkas. The song was written by Helen Kagin and Edwin Kagin and performed at last weekend’s American Atheists convention: Just in case you want the lyrics (PDF): They’re back in their burkas again Women obeying their men No other man should ever [Read More…]