The Simpsons vs. Bill Donohue

In case you missed The Simpsons this weekend, they aired their annual Halloween episode: “Treehouse of Horrors XX.” One of the shorts was “Don’t Have a Cow, Mankind,” and it deals with a zombie-creating burger that infects all who eat it. Bart eats a burger and manages to stay safe, though, so he is referred [Read More…]

Jesus Christ on a Unicorn (Limited Edition!)

I must have these plates. What better location to put my dinner babies? The creator of the Lysergic Christ® commemorative plates, Shane Swank, promotes them this way: These initial four designs would have looked right at home on your Grandmother’s kitchen walls, that is if your Grandmother was a psychedelic warrior. These are designed for [Read More…]

Steeped in Ignorance

This post is by Jesse Galef — I feel comfortable saying that I don’t know something.  True, on a midterm exam I’m likely to frantically scribble something down in hopes that might be correct.  But when it comes to the big questions, there’s no shame in saying “I don’t know.”  Neil deGrasse Tyson explains this [Read More…]

Baby Spatula

If I had this product, making dinner would be *so* much easier. I suspect it would make playtime much more fun, too! (Thanks to Reid for the link!) [Read more…]

Colbert and Atheist Crosses

This post is by Jesse Galef — The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in Salazar v. Buono, the case about an 8-foot-tall cross erected as a war memorial on government property.  Rob Boston of Americans United for Separation of Church and State had a great write-up on it last week on the AU blog. [Read More…]