I’m Happy! Oh Wait…

Reader Jeff recently got some good news about a job interview and, since he was sitting at his computer, he decided to celebrate by typing “I’m happy” into his search bar. It turns out imhappy.com takes you somewhere that will bring you back down pretty quickly… [Read more…]

Can This Be the SafePan Mascot?

SafePan is a cooking pan made without the “non-stick coatings made from toxic chemicals”: In light of recent findings on potential hazards of PFOA and PTFE (chemicals used to make conventional non-stick coatings) to our health and to our environment, SafePan has totally committed ourselves in making the best Eco-Friendly non-stick pans that are both [Read More…]

Aliens, Babies, and Chickens

Why? I. Don’t. Know. But I plan to buy several of these and then have my future army of children dance in them. It’ll be beautiful. And possibly NSFW… or queasy eyes. [Read more…]

Psst… I Think They’re Talking About God…

The Onion talks about religion very subtlely… [Read more…]

Polyamory is Wrong

JulietEcho has written a couple widely-read pieces about polyamory. But I have to break it to her: polyamory is wrong: Good to get that off my chest. Laurie Higgins would be proud. (Thanks to Ungullible for the link!) [Read more…]