Bill Maher on Taxing Churches: We Shouldn’t Have to “Subsidize a Myth That We’re Not Buying Into”

On last night’s episode of Real Time, Bill Maher made the case for why we should tax the churches:


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The Catholic Church is Opposing a Bill That Could Help Sexually Abused Children Get Justice

Perhaps the saddest aspect in the scandal involving former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is that he can’t be prosecuted for allegedly molesting kids because the statute of limitations expired a long time ago.

In an excellent Daily Show segment a couple of nights ago, Trevor Noah discussed how there is a push in Connecticut (and elsewhere) to eliminate the statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases so that predators can’t get off on a technicality.

But there’s opposition to the law coming from — you guessed it — the Catholic Church.


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If Scientists Showed Up at Your Doorstep Like Jehovah’s Witnesses…

… well, you’d still be pretty annoyed.


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Credit Where It’s Due: Answers in Genesis Has an Amusing 404 Page

This is old news. I just hadn’t seen it before.

For all the (deserved) grief we give Answers in Genesis, the group behind the Creation Museum, the 404 page on their website is pretty entertaining:


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To Those Complaining About Trans People Wanting to Use the Appropriate Bathrooms…

There are plenty of people, including too many politicians, who still don’t understand why these “bathroom bills” are so problematic.


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