Comedian Lewis Black Reads an Incredible (and Hilarious) Mormon Resignation Letter

At a recent stand-up show in Oklahoma City, comedian Lewis Black read a letter written by an 18-year-old who is officially resigning from the Mormon Church in the wake of its new policies against gay couples and their children.

The language is NSFW, but you’ll want to find time to listen to this:

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Comedians Chime in on Starbucks Red Cup Non-troversy

Now that the Starbucks Red Cup freakout has reached peak Culture War, several comedians have chimed in on the matter.

Like Stephen Colbert giving a shout-out to Joshua Feuerstein, a.k.a. “Paul Blart, Mall Bro”:

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Post-Game Press Conferences Would Be More Interesting if Reporters Asked This Question

Finally: Stephan Pastis of Pearls Before Swine poses the question athletes never get asked:

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Joshua Feuerstein Forgot to Purchase

Not to worry, though. It’s in good hands.

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Comedian John Mulaney Found Out They Stopped Saying “And Also With You” in the Catholic Church

Comedian John Mulaney visited a Catholic Church again after a long hiatus, only to discover that things had changed

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