Atheist Comedian Eddie Izzard: I’m Running for Mayor of London in 2020

Well, if an atheist wants to run for elected office, doing it overseas is probably a good bet.

Comedian Eddie Izzard (who performed at the 2012 Reason Rally) said in an interview that he plans to run for Mayor of London in 2020:

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Cartoonist Stephan Pastis Draws a Strip That Will Offend Nobody

Happy “offense-free Friday,” fellow heathens!

Stephan Pastis, the cartoonist behind the brilliant Pearls Before Swine comic strip seems to have heard the “I believe in free speech, but…” crowd loud and clear. And he answered the call to avoid offense in a strip he shared today, explaining in the first panel, “In deference to those who say cartoonists should refrain from depicting anything that could cause offense to others, today we delete all the Pearls characters who have ever caused offense to others.”

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After Being Selected for an Interview with God, Ike Has to Deliver an Important Message

When God selects random-typical-guy Ike Simmons for a one-on-one conversation, not even Ike understands why he was chosen. But God has a special message for him to deliver…

It’s all part of this short film by Eli Shapiro:

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 58: Jessica Hagy, Cartoonist and Author of The Art of War Visualized

Our latest podcast guest is Jessica Hagy, a cartoonist and writer best known for her insightful and hilarious webcomic Indexed, in which she draws charts and Venn diagrams connecting completely different ideas and getting us to think about them in different ways.

Her latest book is The Art of War Visualized. It’s the Sun Tzu classic reworked and with illustrations.

During a recent stop in Chicago, we spoke about her career change from copywriter to professional author/illustrator, where she finds inspiration for her work, and how her cartoons made their way into my math classes.

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Why Heaven Wouldn’t Be That Great

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, explains why Heaven wouldn’t be that great.

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