Even Jesus Had to Have the Sex Talk…

His lesson, as you might expect, was light on facts.


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I Don’t Need Your Thoughts and Prayers Right Now

There are times when thoughts and prayers are the last things you’ll ever need…


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In Final Rant Before Election, Bill Maher Celebrates the Trump-Fueled Fall of the Religious Right

At the end of Real Time last night, after spending much of the episode warning viewers against the very real possibility of a Donald Trump presidency, Bill Maher spent a few minutes discussing the one silver lining about Trump’s candidacy: He finally exposed the rank hypocrisy of the Religious Right.

A transcript of the video is in the post.


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Neil deGrasse Tyson Suggests a More Inspiring Campaign Slogan

Neil deGrasse Tyson has a revised campaign slogan for the presidential race.


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Days Before Election, President Obama Discusses Atheism in Interview with Bill Maher

I never thought this day would come. President Obama spent several minutes discussing atheism — and the stigma against atheists — with comedian Bill Maher. The segment appeared online Friday night, though other portions of their interview were shown on HBO’s Real Time.


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