No, We Don’t Worship the Same God!

(via Paul Noth at the New Yorker)

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Keith Lowell Jensen Releases Atheist Christmas Stand-Up Special

My friend Keith Lowell Jensen just released his latest comedy album, Atheist Christmas (which you can also watch on Amazon instant video if you’d like):

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Mythmas

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means it’s a perfectly good time to start singing about Christmas.

Jaclyn Glenn and Eric Schwartz put together this lovely tune that I’m sure will catch on with Christians everywhere:

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This Five-Minute Recap of the Nicolas Cage Left Behind Movie Sums It Up Perfectly

Having seen the Nicolas Cage Left Behind movie myself, I can safely say this five-minute (completely NSFW) recap is *way* more interesting:

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Zeus and Thor Spar in an Epic Rap Battle

Finally, Zeus and Thor (rap) battle it out to see who’s the most superior mythological being of them all! (Lots of NSFW language)

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