Saturday Night Live‘s Church Lady Grills Ted Cruz and “Orange Mannequin” Donald Trump

Yesterday’s Saturday Night Live saw the return of Church Lady, interviewing Donald Trump and a man better known as “Lucifer in the flesh.”


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Someone Set Up a Gubernatorial Campaign Website for Disgraced Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore recently got suspended after attempting to obstruct same-sex couples from getting marriage licenses, and some commentators noted that being removed from the bench could serve him well. After all, there’s a gubernatorial election in two years, and Moore is now free to run for the highest office in the state. (He’s run for governor twice before, but as his Christian Persecution platform gets larger, the path to victory becomes a little more clear.)

And wouldn’t you know it, someone did him the favor of setting up a campaign website at


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Don’t Worry, Atheists; You’re Probably Fine

Seen in Bellingham, Washington:


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Now We Know What Makes God Swipe Right


[Click image for full cartoon]

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Here’s What the Bible Actually Teaches You

If you were on Twitter yesterday, you may have seen the trending hashtag #TheBibleHasTaughtMe. If that was intended as a starting point for people to talk about how God has impacted their lives, it backfired.

Here’s what some clever people tweeted about what the Bible actually taught them:


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