An Epic Rap Battle Between Eastern and Western Philosophers

Eastern and Western philosophers duke it out in the latest rap battle! (Lots of NSFW language.)

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How Long Does Food You Pray Over Remain Blessed…?

If you pray over your food before eating it, there’s a logical conclusion to what will happen, right?

The Atheist Pig explains:

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The Original Road to Damascus Story is Hardly a Reason to Convert

DarkMatter2525 discusses Saul of Tarsus (Paul the Apostle), the most famous Christian convert of them all, and how his change-of-mind doesn’t really “prove” anything about the faith. It’s just the same old story in a new context.

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I Guess We Have Affected the Religious Liberty of Christians…

I assume this is the conversation taking place in conservative Christian circles across the country:

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A Look at the World of Christian Comedy

If you think about the best stand-ups of all time, I would guess they made you re-think some big part of your life in a new way, whether it was a relationship or religion or kids. We think of great comedians as people who push boundaries and go after big targets, not people who tell knock-knock jokes really well.

So what happens when your material is necessarily restricted? When you can’t use certain words or bring up certain situations? What happens when a part of your set has to include a sermon?

Harmon Leon of Vice visited a conference for Christian comedians to get an inside look at their world:

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