John Oliver Digs Into Hillary Clinton’s Supposed Scandals

If you call yourself a critical thinker, then you’ll love John Oliver‘s latest segment from Last Week Tonight. He compared Hillary Clinton‘s scandals to those of Donald Trump. And by every meaningful metric, there’s absolutely no comparison.

This wasn’t just a knee-jerk partisan┬áresponse. His team dug into what she did and how problematic it was. Was she frustrating and foolish at times? Absolutely. Did she commit any crimes? No.

Trump, on the other hand, seems to experience nothing but scandal and fraud — and anyone daring to criticize Clinton over her foundation or emails has to explain why his never-ending web of problems don’t carry the same weight with them.


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Improvisers Tell You Things You’d Never Read in the Bible

On the BBC Two show Mock the Week, the improvisers on the panel had a simple task: Name things you’d never read in the Bible.


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God Tells Stephen Colbert Why He’s Running for President

God is running for President, and he stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to chat about the campaign:


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It Takes More Than Logic to Make Sense of the World

In his latest video, Brian Keith Dalton (a.k.a. Mr. Deity) rebuts an argument from Prager University which says belief in God is more rational than atheism.


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Move Over, Virgin Mary. Someone Found Charles Darwin in an Eye Scan

If the Virgin Mary can turn up on grilled cheese, and Jesus can be found in a dog’s butt, then it only makes sense for Charles Darwin to appear on an eye scan:


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