Skeptic on a Stick: A Holiday Gift for Children of Godless Parents

I know this fake commercial is making fun of atheists, but I still kinda want a Skeptic on a Stick:


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Bill Maher Pushes Back on Donald Trump’s Supposed Atheism: “His God Is Him”

In an interview with ATTN:, Bill Maher was asked if he believed, as some have claimed, that Donald Trump is an atheist. Maher didn’t give a straight answer, saying instead that Trump doesn’t even think about deep philosophical issues like that.


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Maybe God’s Word Wasn’t As Infallible As He Thought

Reader Mike was at the DMV yesterday when he saw a book in the waiting area that made him do a double take.


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How Do I Shake the Hand of This Gas Station Owner?

Reader Sarah spotted this sign outside her local BP gas station:


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Listen To This Beautiful Christmas Carol About Jesus Eating All Your Food

I’m not sure what I just watched, but it needs to replace all the other Christmas carols.


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